Bruce Campbell Quiz

This is a quiz about Bruce Campbell movies. It isn't very hard, and if you watch some lesser known movies you may have watched these. From the old to the new, this quiz covers the highlights of Bruce Campbells contributions to the world of movies and TV.

Do you know these movies? Hopefully you do! Maybe you don't! Chances are you probably went braindead from some of them! If you want to see how you do, then continue on ahead, but be warned. Once you watch these movies, you will need to get them.

Created by: Tim
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1. Who is the main character of the evil dead series?
Sam Ash
Ash Williams
Ash Johnson
Just plain Ash
2. Bruce Campbell is in Spiderman 3, but as who?
French Waiter
A Clerk
3. Evil Dead 2 is a...
sequel to Evil Dead
prequel to Evil Dead
comedic remake of Evil Dead
movie i have never seen
4. What happens when the the wiseman gives Ash his chainsaw in Army of Darkness?
It magically clicks into place
It straps itself on his arm
he catches it and puts it on
It hits him on the head
5. Where does Ash work?
Smart Shop
6. This, is my _______
Guantlet I made with my superior knowledge of machinery.
7. How many times does Ash become possessed in Evil Dead 2?
He was never possessed
8. What commercial was Bruce Campbell in lately? (this SHOULD be a freebee)
Old Spice
Venus Razors
9. Where in the place of Ash's employment does he work?
Hunting/Sports Department
Clothing Department
Lawn Care Department
Housewares Department
10. Ash says this phrase once each Evil Dead movie.
Good. Bad. I'm the guy with the gun.
Good, I can use it as a blanket.
Your shoe's untied.
11. FREEBEE! Well, we all know that this was an incredibly easy Bruce Campbell quiz. So, why not make it easier by asking: have you watched Dead Alive?
Yes, it was horrible.
I don't want to.
Gore-fest! I LOVE IT!

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