Black Pop Culture Quiz #1

There are decades of Black pop culture trivia that aren't challenged these. We love our famous Black people for their work in television, radio, movies, music, sports, news, and more.

How well do YOU know Black pop culture? Now, you can test your knowledge on these ten random questions about the memories of great Black pop culture moments. Good luck!

Created by: ProfessorGQ of ProfessorGQ
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3. Female rapper Lil' Kim once belonged to a rap collective called Junior M.A.F.I.A. that included the following NY rappers except for whom?
The Notorious B.I.G.
Lil' Cease
Nino Brown
4. NBA superstar Shaquille O'Neal began his career with which team?
Los Angeles Lakers
Orlando Magic
Chicago Bulls
Boston Celtics
5. R&B chanteuse Toni Braxton featured which model-turned-actor in her 1994 music video "How Many Ways?"
Djimon Honsou
Tyson Beckford
Henry Simmons
Shemar Moore
6. In the 1973 classic blaxploitation film "Coffy", what was actress Pam Grier's occupation in the film?
7. In the premier episode of "The Cosby Show," which Huxstable child was reprimanded for doing poorly in school?
8. The hit TV show "Girlfriends" produced which of these shows as its spin-off?
The Game
For Your Love
9. Which Motown R&B group earned the label its first #1 record and the aptly title "Hitsville" moniker
The Supremes
The Marvelettes
The Temptations
The Contours
10. TV personality Karamo Brown shocked many viewers when he revealed his homosexuality during which season of MTV's cult hit "Real World?"
San Diego
Key West
11. In 1965, who became Playboy's first Black American Playmate magazine centerfold?
Stacey Brown
Jennifer Jackson
Sandra Lee
Beverly Jones
12. Actress Gabrielle Union starred in what 2003 film with rapper/actor LL Cool J as an arrogant health inspector?
Two Can Play That Game
Breakin' All The Rules
Deliver Us From Eva
10 Things I Hate About You

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