Badí Calendar Structure

The Badí' calendar is the calendar used by the Bahá'í community to determine the dates of their feasts and holy days. As of this year it has been fully implemented such that it is no longer directly matched to the Gregorian calendar, a basic understanding of its structure is, therefore, now even more useful for Bahá'ís.

Have you learned all the basics of the Badí calendar structure? Find out how far your knowledge is advancing with this 19 question quiz on the subject...

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1. The calendar used by Bahá'ís is called the Badí' calendar, what does the name Badí' mean?
2. Who revealed the basic outline of the Badí' calendar?
The Universal House of Justice
Shoghi Effendi
The Báb
Mullá Husayn
3. Which of these events occurred in the first year of the Badí' calendar?
The birth of Jesus Christ
The birth of Muhammad
The birth of the Báb
The birth of Bahá'u'lláh
The Declaration of the Báb
The Declaration of Bahá'u'lláh
4. How many months are there in the Bahá'í year?
18,19 or 20 depending on the sun's position
18,19 or 20 depending on the moon's position
5. In a leap year, how many days does the longest month have?
18,19 or 20 depending on the sun's position
18,19 or 20 depending on the moon's position
6. What does the sun do on the first day of the Bahá'í year?
Crosses the equator from south to north
Crosses the equator from north to south
Reaches its highest point in the sky
Reaches its lowest point in the sky
Puts on a hat and sings "Hip Hip Hip Hooray"
Eclipses the moon
7. Naw-Rúz occurs on the day when a particular solar event occurs, in which city?
8. 'Alá' (meaning Loftiness) is the last month of the year, what is it placed immediately before?
The Fast
The First Day of Riḍván
The Feast of Núr
9. What kind of calendar is the Badí' calendar?
10. The Bahá'í year starts and ends with the same event which takes place once every 365.25 days, but 19 months of 19 days provide 361 days, where are the extra days (Ayyám-i-Há) added?
During the Riḍván Festival
At the end of every other month
At the end of the first month (Bahá)
Between the 9th and 10th months (Asmá' & 'Izzat)
Between the 18th and 19th months (Mulk & 'Alá')
They are miraculously not required
11. What are the months of the Badí' calendar named after?
Chapters of the Bayan
Attributes of God
Signs of the Zoroastrian Zodiac
Early Bahá'ís
Martyred Bábís
19th Century Locomotives
12. Núr is the name of the fifth month, which of the following is it also the name of?
The fifth day of the month
The fifth day of the week
The fifth week of the year
The fifth year of each 19 year period
The fifth 19 year period of each 361 year period
The fifth millisecond of each 361 year period
13. What is the name of the second day of the week on the Badí' calendar?
Kalimát (Words)
Kamál (Perfection)
Jamíl (Handsome)
Jamál (Beauty)
Jalál (Glory)
Jalíl (Exalted)
14. The Bahá'í week is seven days long and the last day is the day of rest. On which western weekday does the *first* day of the Bahá'í week mainly fall?
15. When does each Badí' calendar day start?
16. Every 19 years are collectively called...
An Enneadecade
An Abad
A Kamál
A Badí'
A Váḥid
A Kull-i-Shay’
17. The years of each 19 year cycle have their own names, which of the following is true for all of the names?
The numerical value of each name is 19
They are attributes of God
The numerical value of each name is 9
They were names of Roman Gods
The numerical value matches their place in the Váḥid
They each have 9 letters (in Arabic form)
18. Kull-i-Shay’ can be translated as "All things". In reference to the Badí' calendar, what does Kull-i-Shay’ refer to?
All the elements of the calendar
All of the days within a year
All of the days within a Váḥid
Every Bahá'í holy day in a month
A period of 19 Váḥids (361 years)
19 periods of 19 Váḥids (6859 years)
19. Which holy day will be observed on the day of ‘Idál, the day of Núr, of the month of Jamál, of the year Ḥubb, of the tenth Váḥid, of the first Kull-i-Shay’?
First Day of Riḍván
Ninth Day of Riḍván
Twelfth Day of Riḍván
Declaration of the Báb
Birth of the Báb

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