Are you really from the Southern Alleghenies?

The Southern Alleghenies in Pennsylvania are mainly made up of the following counties - Bedford, Blair, Cambria, Huntingdon, and Fulton. In this quiz, I'm going to test you knowledge of the Southern Alleghenies - and you're going to find out how much you really know about this area of PA! you think you know everything there is to know about the Southern Alleghenies? I made this quiz to test your knowledge about this beautiful part of Pennsylvania. Have fun! :)

Created by: oloverofmusic
1. What is your age?
Under 18 Years Old
18 to 24 Years Old
25 to 30 Years Old
31 to 40 Years Old
41 to 50 Years Old
51 to 60 Years Old
Over 60 Years Old
2. What is your gender?
3. What county of PA are you from? Don't worry - it's confidential! :)
I'm from a county/state not listed here!
4. If you aren't from Blair, Bedford, Fulton, Cambria, or Huntingdon counties, then why are you taking this quiz?
But I AM from one of those counties!
I'm bored...
I looks like a cool quiz!
I used to live in one of those counties
I live in a county near those 5 counties, but you didn't list my county! :(
I want to see how much I can guess at in this quiz!
5. How long have you lived in the Southern Alleghenies?
All my life! ;)
Less that 5 years
5-15 years
More than 15 years
I used to live in the Southern Alleghenies, but I don't live there now
I don't live in the Southern Alleghenies...
6. What is the Curve?
An awesome minor leauge baseball team in Blair County!
A famous railroad horseshoe curve in Blair County!
A grocery store
A kind of dance
How am I supposed to know? I don't live there!
7. Which one of the following counties has the largest county fair?
What's a county fair?
8. Which one of these counties does NOT have a county fair?
Can someone please explain to me what a county fair is?
9. What is Traditions?
Something that families do, like a Christmas tradition
A Mennonite run store and restaurant in Blair County
A second hand shop in Bedford County
A museum in Cambria County
A housing company in Fulton County
I don't know!
10. Have you even been to Zimmerman's?
Yes! That's where I get my horse's shoes fixed!
Yes! That's where I go grocery shopping!
Yes! That's where I get custom-made hats!
Yes! That's where I go to get plants for my garden!
No...why would I go to someone's house uninvited?
What's Zimmerman's?
11. What is a gob?
It's a slang term for a glob of paint
It's the same thing as a whoopie pie!
It's a bakery item that has two little cake rounds that is held together with icing or another kind of filling
Umm...a misspelling of job?
A nickname for baby calves
I have no clue!
12. Quick! What does die Ziege mean?
13. What's so special about Monday and Thursday nights in Bedford and Blair counties?
It's auction time!
It's when everyone cleans out the barns
There are special church services
At many of the Mennonite-run stores, there are fresh baked goods on these days!
I don't know...maybe I should visit Bedford and Blair counties to see what's up...
It's when everyone eats deviled eggs
14. What happens on Friday nights in many Mennonite communities all over the Southern Alleghenies?
Everyone flocks to the store to get more bread and eggs for the weekend
There are singings all over the place to attend!
Everyone teams up and builds a barn
The library closes early
Some people pluck their chickens every Friday night
I have no clue...why am I even taking this quiz?
15. What county is Johnstown, Pa a part of?
I don't know!
16. Which county has a Cannondale Bike factory in it?
What's Cannondale?
17. Which colleges are located in Cambria county?
Mount Aloysius College
Penn State Main Campus
Harvard University
Saint Francis University
University of Pittsburgh at Johnstown
I don't know!
18. What does "redd up" mean?
Umm...something's red?
It means that you read what you were supposed to, like for school.
It means to clean up something, like clean up your room.
It means that someone's blushing a lot.
It's slang for someone's first kiss.
How should I know?
19. What does winda, crick, warsh and nuttin mean?
Window, crack, wash, nut
Window, creek, wash, nothing
Wanda, creek, wash, nut
Wind, crack, harsh, nutty
Wind, creek, wash, nothing
I don't people talk funny!
20. Bonus Question - What dialect/accent was the words from the last question?
New York accent
Central Pennsylvania accent
Central Pennsylvania dialect
PA Dutch dialect
Southern accent
Does it realy matter? You people talk like hicks!
21. Which of the following counties DO NOT have any type of college campus in them?
They all do...don't they?
22. What county is Altoona, PA part of?
Where's Altoona?
23. In Blair and Bedford counties, are there more Amish or Mennonite people?
They have about the same population.
Umm...what are Amish and Mennonite people?
I thought that the Amish people only lived in Lancaster, PA?
I have no idea.
24. Which of the following counties should probably be considered a part of the Southern Alleghenies?
I don't know where any of these counties are!
25. Do you think that you know everything there is to know about the Southern Alleghenies of Pennsylvania?
Yes! Of course! I live here!
No...I wish I did sounds like a really cool area!
Yeah, I've lived here long enough that I should know at least some things about this area.
No way! I live no where near this place, and I ain't planning on going there, either!
Ehh... it's a 50-50 chance that I do well on this quiz...
I still have no idea why I'm taking this test...

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