Are you pretty, beautiful, cute, average, or georgeous?

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fancy said:
Jun 13 '16, 9:33PM

this quiz freaking sucks! u can't judge people just the way there r u can't just walk up to someone and say your ugly

ddmw2246 said:
Oct 19 '15, 7:00AM

I remember i made this quiz i was 9, lol don't get discouraged, everyones pretty in their own way :)

jubilee said:
Jul 29 '14, 12:42PM

i got 80% cute

pickles123 said:
May 11 '14, 11:57AM


nonojackson101 said:
May 2 '14, 9:42AM

forget this... I'm not so pretty thats wierd questions up in here

mysticbluekitten said:
Apr 23 '14, 3:32PM

Are you pretty, beautiful, cute, average, or georgeous?

Your Result: You are Average


You are Average!!!! you are not ugly or not pretty but just normal. Don't worry about your looks because you are fine. I'm sure you are a great person on the inside though!!

Not so pretty

:( just cause I don't wear make up, wear normal cloathes and never got asked out.

Sparklecatlover said:
Apr 20 '14, 9:39AM

You don't need to cake tons of makeup just to look pretty everyone is pretty for someone else in some way. Accept who you are and chances are you ARE going to get asked out sometime. I got 0% for everything so I have no idea what I got. So just BE YOURSELF you don't need to cake on makeup to look pretty that basically means your desperate for someone.

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