Are you kind, cold, or in between?

Are you kind? Are you cold? Or are you in between the two? Are you an angel or the burden everyone around you has to carry? Or are you just an ordinary person?

Take my short little quiz to find out if you are kind, cold, or in between! Just answer each question that you would most likely do. Hope you like, now start!

Created by: Emalie
1. What is your age?
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3. Somebody just stepped on your new, expensive shoes. They apologize sincerely. You...
Smile and say "it's ok" then forget about it
Don't care about the apology and scream at the person
Accept the apology nicely but think mean thoughts of the person
4. You see somebody crying. You
Think they are such a baby
Walk a way and do nothing but hope they're alright
Walk up to the person and try to help out
5. Would you give money to charity?
I would but I need the money
6. Somebody unattractive asks you out. What would you do?
Say no just because you don't like their looks
Tell them "I don't think it would work out"
Give them a chance and say yes
7. Do you find enjoyment in hurting people's feelings?
Only when they hurt me first
Of course not.That's wrong.
8. Would you steal your best friend's boy/girlfriend?
Even if I had feelings for them, I wouldn't do that to my best friend.
If he wants to be with me and I want to be with him, why not?
I don't know, I can't help what I feel.
9. If you dislike someone greatly, you
tell them to their face
restrain yourself to telling anyone to avoid problems
keep it to yourself
10. Your good friend really needs to borrow some money. Do you lend it?
Yes. It doesn't matter if he/she doesn't pay me back as long as I helped.
No. They can ask someone else.
Sure. But I'll hold it against them later on.
11. When someone sneezes, what do you do?
Say "Bless you"
Ignore it
Give the person a tissue
12. When someone sneezes, what do you do?
Say "Bless you"
Ignore it
Give the person a tissue

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