Are You Hot Or Not?

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Aug 14 '16, 12:08AM

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Aug 13 '16, 10:53PM

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Huzi37709 said:
Jun 10 '16, 2:28PM

I got 87% ( natural beuaty ). This quiz should really be titled as how attractive are you in your personality. Like I don't think I'm hot at all but I can agree I'm a kind and caring person. Anyways, nice quiz! :)

Cooked_stuff said:
May 6 '16, 4:48PM

Sky Angel said:
Nov 11 '15, 9:43PM

Yay~ I got 77% beautiful, and 76% hot. So I guess that means I'm both!

Paigenapier said:
Nov 11 '15, 4:04PM


doniya said:
Jun 24 '15, 1:10PM

@happyzanyanimal what should we do??

doniya said:
Jun 24 '15, 1:07PM

I am naturally Beautful i am so happy:)

hot stephanie said:
May 11 '15, 3:33PM

HOTHOTHOT hehe just how i like it... my boyfriend wants me fat But i dont wanna he bloated me... with water ugh i cant stand life anymore

mollygen5 said:
Apr 25 '15, 3:05PM

I got hot... I don't feel like it, though. :(

HeyitsJess123 said:
Apr 17 '15, 11:55AM

I got 92% beautiful!! :D yay!! Go me *woop,woop* lol jk (but I did get 92%)

Say wha said:
Feb 11 '15, 1:04AM

88% Beautiful! I think 75% for HOTHOTHOT. And 44% Um...Not.

pearlywinkle21x said:
Nov 22 '14, 5:25PM

i liked this quiz i got hothothot kik me girls only pearlywinkle20:)

HiggyGuy18 said:
Mar 24 '14, 8:25PM

I'm beautiful!? Maybe it's not that accurate...;)

StormSong said:
Jan 27 '14, 10:00PM

OH MY GOD STOP SAYING YOU DONT FEEL BEAUTIFUL OKAY?!?! It pisses me off just listening to you guys because you think your such ugly dips---s that you don't care about your important inner beauty! GOD!!! >:(

*deep sigh* got that out if the way =o=

I got Beautiful :)

etrytuyik said:
Mar 4 '13, 6:49PM

Beautiful higher than hot but I don't feel like it :C

etrytuyik said:
Mar 4 '13, 6:48PM

Im beautiful which id]s the highest
I don't feel like it though :C

ange said:
Apr 28 '12, 4:23AM

I got beautiful! Thanks so much, just made my day! Great quiz and it made it so much better because you did inside beauty as well :)

smurfy said:
Nov 30 '11, 6:32PM

Are You Hot Or Not?
Your Result: Beautiful
AS either a guy or girl, you are most considered a natural beauty. You emit kindness and positivity. People love to be around you and you're sweet to everyone you see. It doesn't matter if you're not popular or considered to a 'type', you're seen a beautiful by those who matter.

better than hot!

NeonSkittle said:
Oct 23 '11, 7:11AM

I'm beautiful, meaning pretty outside and inside C:
Se ond comes hot :D

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