Are You Datable?

This quiz is to help determine whether or not you are ready to go on a date with a guy or girl. If you are particularly concerned about how well you'll do in a relationship or whether or not you're actually ready, then take this to find out where you're at :)

I know many of you already have current relationships or have had past ones, but if you are questioning your status, then this is also a good way to see if you're actually good with them too :)

Created by: Kevin
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1. What is your age?
Under 18 Years Old
18 to 24 Years Old
25 to 30 Years Old
31 to 40 Years Old
41 to 50 Years Old
51 to 60 Years Old
Over 60 Years Old
2. What is your gender?
3. Have you ever had a b/f(g/f) before?
No, but I have fooled around a lot
4. Would you ever consider having sex on the first date?
Yes, it's no big deal
No, personal/religious reasons
Well, if it happens, it happens
5. Would you think the guy should pay for the date or should both?
The guy should always pay
I think both should
Depends on the situation, don't mind either way
6. Do you base your likes or dislikes of a guy/girl based on what they own/have?
Yes, they gotta have a car or style
No, I'm not materialistic
Whatever they have doesn't affect my opinion of them either way
7. Do you judge your dates based on how attractive or smart they are before you go out with them?
Yes, if I'm not connected physically/intellectually, I'm not looking
No, skinny or fat, I give everyone a chance
No but it's important that I do have a physical attraction cause I have to love who I'm seeing
8. Would you trust your b/f(g/f) to hang out and be around people of the opposite sex no matter how attractive they are?
No, that's a sign of them cheating
Yes, I base my relationships on trust
Depends how their relationships look in my opinion
9. Would you ever abuse your b/f(g/f) physically or mentally whether it be private or in public?
Yes, that's normal
No, I'm not a jerk
Depends what they did first, I would based on their actions
10. Would you ever lie to a guy/girl or to their friends/family just to keep them liking you?
Yes, if I really like them I'll do whatever it takes
No, honesty is the best policy
Depends: for them to keep liking me? No. for personal reasons or to protect them? Yes
11. If you found out your b/f(g/f) cheated on you, would you dump them immediately?
Yes, cheaters are no good
No, I always give someone a second chance
Depends on how it happened, so I need to know why first
12. Do you want your man/woman to live up to your expectations?
Yes, they have to be what I like or else it's over
No, individuality is good
Depends whether or not it's a turn off to me or not
13. Have you ever caused Drama before whether it be from your past relationships or with friends/family?
Yes, I've been known to cause a scene
No, I don't care what people do
If they've been doing something wrong and I yell, that's normal. Be it drama or not, it's arguing
14. Do you think it's okay to check out other guys/girls or be attracted to other guys/girls while still being in a relationship as long as you don't cheat?
Yeah, sure why not? Looking isn't a crime
No, if I'm committed, I always stay committed
Not usually, but if my hormones get in the way I can't help it.
15. Would you destroy your b/f(g/f) property/belongings if they pissed you off? such as, cheating?
Yes, I'll destroy anything of theirs if they do
No, but I will let them know how mad I am vocally
Depends how bad they pissed me off
16. Would you ever marry someone only after knowing them for less than a year?
Yes, if we know we only want each other, we're gonna do it
No, I gotta know them long enough to know trust and love is what we have
Depends. If we get drunk or just do it randomly, I can't help it
17. In most relationships that lead to marriage, having kids is a priority. Do you ever want to have kids?
Yes, a family is what I really want
No, I'm just not a parent type and if there's a baby, I'd expect abortion
No, but if it happens by accident, I'll take responsibility
18. Would you ever base your dates on what religious/political beliefs they partake in?
Yes, if it's not something I approve of, I can't date them.
No, it doesn't matter what they believe in as long as we love each other for what we believe in
Depends whether or not if it conflicts what we want in life.
19. If a terrible accident put your b/f(g/f) into a parapalegic condition or if they have a disease, will that make you wanna dump them?
Yes, I just can't be with someone who's physically challenged or with a medical condition. Too much to handle
No, I'll still be with them. It's not what I want, but if they still want to be together
Depends whether or not how it affects our relationship. Like medical condition I can handle, but physically challenged.. I'm just not sure
20. Are you Personality > Looks or Looks > Personality?
Personality > Looks
Looks > Personality
Personality has to be as good as Looks
21. Will you give it 100% to make a relationship work and not just fool around testing your skills or compatability with many at once?
Yes, I'm willing to make any relationship I'm in a success
No, I'm at my point in my life where I can pick and choose so I'm not always faithful
Depends whether or not if they are annoying/bothering me. If so, I'll look around, If not, I'll stay true
22. Have you ever cheated on a girl/guy before? If so, are you willing to change?
No I've never cheated on my b/f(g/f) before cause I'm either faithful or I've never had one
Yes I have but I am willing to make sure it won't happen again
Yes, but they deserved it or I just can't help myself
23. Lastly, will you always protect your b/f(g/f) from anything? You will always help eachother out from danger or when they need it. You'll never let them down and let them handle it on their own?
Yes, I'll do anything for them as long as it makes them happy
No, I think a man should always protect his woman and a woman should always support her man
I'm weak... So I'm gonna have to have my b/f(g/f) help me at any dangerous situation I'm or we're in

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