do you know the rules of love( and play it right)

do you truely know bout love? Are even barely datable? well eeveryone wants to no if they can handle life situations. but can you. well love is or isnt for everyone. but is it for you?

love blissful,sexy, happiness are all things that are used to discribe it. Are you able to explain let alone spell L-O-V-E but even if you can't i would still take the quiz becaus eyou never know how datable/loveable you are

Created by: Johnna Cherigello
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1. What is your age?
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2. What is your gender?
3. When you like a boy/girl do you...
ask then out immediatly!!!!!! why would they not love meh
keep to yourself with occasional flirting, i would die if anyone knew!
tell everyone i want him to know i really want him to know!!!
After watching him/her for a few weeks ask him to dance/ make your move in the right direction at the school dance
ugh! no one likes me i'll give up now
journal it then go die
4. Some you like asked you out but your dating somebody already, you don't like them as much. how do you react?
date both of 'em, why not i am hot enough. plus the dork is good in bed
say "yea i would love that" then txt the dork and say sry we are done!!
faint and/ or puke
act totallly surprised and really be. say "sure" then after school go to the dorks house and sweety break up with him
runaway screamin "HE LIKES MEH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"
totally forgetting about the dork kiss him and start pulling off each other's clothes
5. you like a guy/girl and you think he's totally flirting with you. What's he/she doing?
always want to hug you
sticks his/her tounge out and other silly stuff like that
laughs at your jokes that even you know are lame
is almost too careing ( gives-a-s--- bout everthing about you )
txts and ims you non stop
all of the above
6. the girl/guy you like is dating you best friend. what are you gonna do?
ignore him/her till they get it
flirt with them even more then ever and ditch your friends...I liked them first :(
confront them tell them how you feel and say "if both can't have him/her then none of us can"
tell her to dump him/her or start a rumor that will get him to dump her/ the other way around
deal with it if its really fate then they won't last
hang out with them all the time and make sure him/her get turned on to you more then your bff
7. all these guys/girls ask you out during the dance you are pretty sure they are joke by the popular kids but one is the person you like.
say yes if it is a joke they'll finally learn their lesson if it isn't you'll get what you've always wanted
faint or puke or both
kicke every one of them in the shins
i am the popular kids! and watching those peoples faces when we ask them out is hillarious
sigh and walkaway this happens all the time
hug them and start to dance passionatly i don't careif they are joking around
8. whats you favorite song
hot'n' cold
wake up america
i like emo/goth screamo stuff
i like rock n stuff whatever he likes i can get into but still keep my own style
i don't listen to music
classic like bock or whatever
9. r u smart and in what way?
street smart- i did or probably will fail out of high school
what the hell does that have to do with anything?
idk but i do get okay grades and i am pretty logical
did you know that e=mc2
hey thats not how you write that equation!
i am not smart at all.. duhhhh i think maybe.......uhmm wat?
10. explain why that question was important
because its on the quiz
because most people like people who have some sense of intellect or logic and people who have the ability to be one wants to marry a bum!!!/date them even
i didn't get it at all
e=mc2 i don't care bout love can i explain the big bang theory insted...
same here and thats not how how you right that equation
duhhhhhhhhhhh i dont know why are you askin meh...... um wait wats the question huh..ahhh i dont know my brain he=urts ugh too many words ahhh iam stopin now ahhhhhhhh ugh too many words it hurts..... ugh shut up mehahhhhhhhhhh... duh umm nvrmnd
11. kk back to the quiz... u get these ims from a guy/girl at school you like them they ask for pics and stuff they really like you but they are a slut or manslut your friends say no cus they aready are dating 3 people wat now!!
date 'em wat ev
listen to my buds they are right i do deserve better than a unfaithful bf/gf
i love him/her! and they want meh so i am goin for it!
12. what do you think about love. Is it worth it?
wat ev
i think love is why people are on earth and writen in our fate we need each other to get by.
SEX is all i want i don't care bout love
it's okay but it truely dies hard

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