Are you cute, pretty, gorgeous or ugly? {100% honest}

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GryffindorGirl said:
Mar 11 '16, 4:41PM

I notice that no matter how many different answers your always gorgeous. This makes me heartfelt. XD

EnvyFangirl1 said:
Mar 7 '16, 10:10PM

Im gorgoues... I thought id be cute, but im 100% gorgoues... Lemme describe me to you... Im short, not too short, but short. I have brown hair, and dark brown eyes, they littarly seem black. I look for a guyfriend, but im to nervous to ask, so we just hang a lot. My sense of fashion? Mostly dark colors, and i always wear a jacket, one of the shoulders of the jacket to my elbow, lets just say im a tomboy. I love to draw art a lot, watch anime, and sometimes i enjoy school more than home, and im not much of a school person. Im a teen, sometimes curse here and there, im not popular, but im not one of those dope kids. I like myself that way X3 enough info? What do you think about me now? I still think im cute X3

101142 said:
Mar 4 '16, 4:01PM

I got a 100% but the thing is ik this is fake its the same answere every time

iiSasuke said:
Feb 27 '16, 3:52AM

Lol I'm a guy and got 93 gorgeous

SkyKirin said:
Feb 25 '16, 1:23PM

Gorgeous? HAHAHA XD i'm actually amused. I think it's got something to do with being blond and having blue eyes. Trust me guys, I might look okay but no where near gorgeous. Or maybe I am. I dunno. I don't wear makup or anythin. probably not... good quiz tho upped my self esteem. :)

coolmama said:
Feb 25 '16, 10:46AM

Im not surprised!!!!!

Isabel Star said:
Feb 12 '16, 9:47AM

Best. Quiz. Ever. I LOVE quizzes that are rigged to make you feel good. Like the one I made on Bullying. Love it!

MaddyCool said:
Feb 4 '16, 5:04PM

ITS RIGGED but it makes me fell good

MissElsa said:
Jan 31 '16, 4:07PM

I got 100% GORGEOUS! This is like the most awesome quiz ever! 0% EVERYTHING ELSE! BTW, will somebody post me a ice power spell? Or an ice power quiz! Thanks!

Snuffs said:
Jan 17 '16, 11:55PM

Yay I'm gorgeous. I like this quiz cuz it makes me feel good even if it lies

SilverOwl125 said:
Jan 10 '16, 11:32PM

I like this quiz it says everyone's gorgeous

august110 said:
Jan 10 '16, 6:14PM


sheridan said:
Jan 6 '16, 6:17PM

100% gorgeous.

swagsome22 said:
Jan 1 '16, 9:00PM


swagsome22 said:
Jan 1 '16, 8:57PM


Isabel Star said:
Jan 1 '16, 10:52AM

I think it's rigged for high scores.

Jazzy298 said:
Dec 28 '15, 12:42AM

Yay I'm 100%gorgeous yea I knew it that's awesome and omg there's a cute guy lookin my way right now

Jazzy298 said:
Dec 28 '15, 12:40AM

Yay I'm 100%gorgeous yea I knew it that's awesome

Jazzy298 said:
Dec 28 '15, 12:37AM

naenae22450 said:
Dec 21 '15, 5:29PM

100% gorgeous

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