Are you cute, pretty, gorgeous or ugly? {100% honest}

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LoserLoner said:
Feb 12 '17, 11:41AM

I got Gorgeous. I sort of wanted the truth...

colorgirly22 said:
Jul 8 '16, 9:08AM

100% gorgeous :)

modelpricess said:
Jul 2 '16, 2:02PM

100% gorgeous

ZealousZoey said:
Jun 30 '16, 3:23AM

I feel so happy right now 100% gorgeous

Beautiful123 said:
Jun 11 '16, 11:26AM

I hate the kind of quizzes where you take the quiz, then your result is just 100% pretty or something. I really want the truth.

shy fishy said:
Jun 8 '16, 4:38PM


Joelle_iz_awsome said:
Jun 7 '16, 7:50PM

I got 100% gorgeous I have a bf already that loves me so j does not matter what I get

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