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  • This is probably the worst quiz I've ever taken. It tests you on how well you conform to the doctrines of the quiz maker's specific political views, and if it doesn't think you did well enough it literally tells you, "You're completely irredeemable as a human being; that's assuming you've the effrontery to call yourself one."

    Individual ism and collectivism are just about whether you consider the individual or the group the fundamental unit. It's hard to see what that has to do with thinking terrorists are best dealt with by killing them, or that public education is indoctrination. Or that Democrats are "socialists or outright communists" (which is ridiculous anyway every socialist/Marxist I've ever met hates the Democratic Party with a passion.)

    Give me a freaking break.

    JSMillie Sep 20 '15, 11:49PM
  • 55%

    AverageJoe Nov 23 '11, 5:18PM
  • 55%

    AverageJoe Nov 23 '11, 5:13PM
  • 34%, i know a little about political problems and situations this country is facing, like me!

    username Jul 22 '11, 12:17AM
  • 12%, as a democratic socialist I proudly agree

    alegab Jul 4 '11, 5:53PM
  • You are 0% Individualist
    You don't have an individualist bone in your whole body. You're a collectivist through and through. You either think that others owe you a living, or, you believe that you hold the path to enlightenment -- either materially or spiritually -- and you're willing to impose it upon society as a whole, through force, at any cost. There's no hope for you whatsoever. You're completely irredeemable as a human being; that's assuming you've the effrontery to call yourself one.

    Yep, that sums it up pretty well (Sarcasm). I'm actually a socialist, though, so I shouldn't be surprised.

    Someone12345 Jun 2 '11, 8:25AM
  • Not exactly the most accurate quiz. As an Objectivist, I got 67%. You're probably another Constitution worshiper.

    BrainiacOutcast May 26 '11, 12:37AM

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