Are you an Idiot?

So many people do dumb things on a regular basis.. i often wonder if everyone is an idiot. but no one really believes they are an idiot. So lets see how many idiots are out there, just for funzies. This quiz is for entertainment only and has no bearing on your actual intelligence... but you KNEW that.. didn't you?

Ready to find out if your college material, or a Macdonald's worker for life?? I bet your all tingly! This is the moment! Drum Roll please!! ok ok heres the result already...

Created by: Jivatma
1. What is your age?
Under 18 Years Old
18 to 24 Years Old
25 to 30 Years Old
31 to 40 Years Old
41 to 50 Years Old
51 to 60 Years Old
Over 60 Years Old
2. What is your gender?
3. Do you think pop singers are very important people in society?
yes of course! The run and rule my life! tehe
Maybe a little. They do effect trends and fasion
No way, Pop Singers give nothing useful to our culture
They are a scourge on society and must be destroyed!!!
4. Do you ever vote?
Im too young, but i cant wait!
Im too young, but i dont really care
I do vote, but i dont really follow politics much
I do vote, and i pay close attention to the candidates and what they stand for
uh.. vote?? whats that?
5. What do you think of Global Warming?
Its scary.. I hope its not real
Its not real.. its just some dumb scam cooked up by liberals
Its happening right now. Because no one took the warnings seriously
It could be real.. or maybe the Earth is just going through natural changes
i dunno, never thought about it
6. Do you like to pretend to belong to a certain group or clique to make more friends?
O yes, i can pull off being almost anything, gansta, goth, nerd, whatever the people around me are doing
I usualy try to pick one group that i kinda like and just try to be like them.
not at all, im always myself no matter how uncool others think i might be.
i belong to a group or clique, but im not really trying, its just who i am
7. How many times have you passed on a Myspace bulletin, simply because it had some threat of bad luck?
Maybe once or twice.. Better safe than sorry
All the time. no Myspace boogymen are gonna get me!
Never.. i think those are stupid
Somtimes.. but only if i like the rest of the bulletin
8. Have you ever been under the influence of any mind altering substances?
Just alchohol for me!
Yeah almost everything... if it gets me buzzed, ill do it
A little weed now and then..
Never, i dont do drugs, they're bad.. bad, bad, bad
A few things,, but never in excess.
I only experimented a little... but i avoid drugs now
9. How is your diet?
Ok, i guess. I eat whatever i get my hands on
Fast food all day long!
I try to stay healthy, but i slip up now and then
I dont eat/have an eating disorder.
I am vegan/vegetarian
I eat a nice balance of stuff
10. Have you ever noticed the subliminal arrow in the Fed Ex logo?
oh yeah its obvious
omg theres an arrow?
whats fed ex?
11. Do you talk to your pet?
i dont have a pet
sure i do, but i dont really think he understands
of course i do! animals are sensitive and understand us
no that would be dumb
yes, but i also talk to my housplants, appliances, door knobs, dinnerware,, you know anything thats around
only when im yelling at him
12. Do you think your pretty smart?
sure i guess so
definatly! i am da man
no im probalby just average
Im a smart ass, does that count?
13. Do you use l33t speak or other slang when you talk/type?
somtimes, it saves time
sure its fun and cute!
no its annoying
We have a language for a reason... Why make up a new one?

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