Are you a true Texan?

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TexasPuppett said:
Mar 9 '12, 2:43AM

I agree with padfoot_moony.
Sou nds like a lot of these quizzes are made by Rexall Cowboys (fake Texans) and include a lot of stereotypical Q and A's. However, there are a couple of good quizes with historical questions.

Padfoot_Moony said:
Sep 20 '11, 9:51PM

I've lived in Texas my whole life, an I only got 63%. Some of the stuff on here is pretty stereotypical; you can be a pure Texan without livin on a ranch. Thats a sure sign of a fake Texan when all they can talk bout is their farm, cows, and pigs (if they look like a city person, that is). Of course, while this wasnt in THIS quiz, a lot of the phrases one would associate with Texas is used so often an words like "yall" is said 5 times in a sentence would show that you're a fake.

Haha, sorry I went into rantin mode. I get very defensive of my state.

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