Are you a smart or stupid American?

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dragon66 said:
Nov 23 '11, 7:26PM

Damn, I only got 48 percent! But I'm also not American, so...I think that's still okay. I think the questions were really good, they were hard, but good. I don't know why all the people are complaining about this quiz, I thought it was very good. And it's not the fault of the creator...if we know so little.
And celloplayer, calm down...if you're not from the US and got 33% it's still pretty good. On the other hand...if you're from the US, you obviously don't know your own history that well. So stop whining around!

Dolphin13 said:
Nov 9 '11, 4:31PM

I agree with _celloplayer_

adel00heid said:
Oct 23 '11, 6:39PM

this is dumb. :c these questions don't prove intelligence, just knowledge of history and/or pop culture. some of it is stuff americans should do, but some of it is way pointless. a lot of it isn't exclusive to america so there's no real reason to tack 'american' on to the title. hth!

_celloplayer_ said:
Aug 26 '11, 2:58PM

Dude! Are You Kidding me??!! Seriously?! 33%?! Really?! I know my history! I aced my history class! And your questions are not all that good either! You don't know the cosnitution! The president can serve up to 2 terms or 8 years! That was not a opition! And the White House is not in a state. They did that so that no state could overrule the other states! And the opitions you had wern't even states! And you shouldn't go insulting your quiz takeres! YOu say I need to take a class on histoy and whatever you had on this quiz? YOU need to take a class! Start in Elementary! I bet I can get a higher grade in history than you! Next time you make a quiz like this, brush up on your history fool, or you'll get comments like this one!

sammierox1997 said:
Aug 26 '11, 12:16PM

Bak24la16 wth did you get 11 from. It's flipping 67 dumbo

sammierox1997 said:
Aug 26 '11, 12:14PM

I do have an earlier post thanks to little bro. And if I'm correct she/he's saying you don't know the history not that you don't know algebra. Bunch of drama queens. I got 26% and I'm not even American

bak24la16 said:
Jul 20 '11, 6:05PM

you don't have the correct answer for #11, it should be A=7.

kahlua said:
Jul 7 '11, 9:12AM

i guess the author's stupid enough to believe he's smart

2413and said:
Apr 21 '11, 8:21AM

nasty and stupid, i'll let you know, i'm in freekin high a-track (smartest class) and doing algebra 1 in 7 grade, and you are trying to tell me how dumb I AM? this test shows how dumb YOU ARE !!!!!!

sammierox1997 said:
Apr 21 '11, 7:59AM

Lmao Fail

EVIL1357 said:
Apr 21 '11, 12:25AM

The maker of this test shouldn't be making tests, or be permitted to breed.

tammer said:
Dec 30 '10, 1:48AM

Do you mean, Einstein's theory of relativity?

MKR385 said:
Dec 10 '10, 4:57AM

Your quiz is good, except for YOUR stupidity.

Deron said:
Nov 5 '10, 10:42PM

Joseph Kennedy and Bobby Kennedy were both brothers of JFK

KnowsHistory said:
Oct 6 '10, 3:02PM

Desert Shield was in the 1990s. Desert Storm was in the first decade of the 21st century (2000-2010)

izamechebury said:
Aug 26 '10, 10:21PM

That was retarded. I'm 16. Shut it, loser. If you're so smart, explain the theory behind Einstein's relativity. I bet I could PONE you in a science test.

stinky said:
Aug 19 '10, 11:41AM

Why doesn't this thing show the answers? It should. Particularly I'm not sure if one of the questions was correctly asked... There are no moons in our orbit. The earth orbits the sun, there are no moons in the earth's orbit. Perhaps the question meant to ask how many moons orbit the earth?
This quiz seems to test if we know what the person who wrote it knows, and doesn't have much to say about any sort of general, objective knowledge/smarts.

Liffyjoo said:
Apr 10 '10, 11:28PM

Took it again and got a %67. Dammit.

Liffyjoo said:
Apr 10 '10, 11:16PM

It said I was 26% smarter than Jerry Springer's guests. What's that supposed to mean? :P I wanna know what questions I got wrong.

CaLiFoRnIa said:
Mar 31 '10, 4:52PM

Lol i got stupid american.Im not even american

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