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Remember Joy said:
Aug 4 '15, 2:25PM

It was hard to rate this quiz because quite a few people on here are not married (like me). But it may be a good quiz for someone who is married, but I think I would have to be a wife to tell for sure.

To those usernames of UnicornGamer1938, gigi08, Joshua345, sprk, danielc123, Kensington, hellopanda, DONT REMIIND ME, BearsXfire, enigma9000, AND SimplyFabulous (Did I miss any?) STOP IT RIGHT NOW I HATE WHEN PEOPLE DO THIS AND I WHISH I COULD SAY SOMETHING TO YOU RIGHT NOW THAT I CAN'T.

cherrish said:
Jun 10 '15, 1:08AM

Im a great wife ,thank u!

Beverlyreagan said:
Mar 17 '15, 4:14PM

Ha im not married and im only 12 but im a good wide 49% i just took this to see what kind of ife ill be

kiramoses said:
Feb 27 '15, 8:44PM

I am the best wife

hellopanda said:
Jan 21 '15, 10:50PM

you will die within 2 days if you do not post this comment to over 5 quizzes. when ur through press f6 and your crushes will appear on the screen

Nicole Belon said:
Sep 18 '14, 10:10AM

Now I know my husband Joe .A knows I'm a good wife

Nicole Belon said:
Sep 18 '14, 10:09AM

Now I know my husband Joe .A knows I'm a good wife

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