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  • 68 com girls iam a good wife

    ZMAN2001 Aug 27 '14, 10:44AM
  • Loved the test, tho I am a male. 10

    thechosenone Aug 17 '14, 2:40PM
  • This is all just proof that women aren't trained to be wives (and likely Men the same). Stop expecting and DO! It really isn't that hard.

    allbefree Jul 23 '14, 2:43PM
  • This test is seeming really insulting to females. I chose honest answers and it gave me 20%. I tried it again giving untrue answers, those answers got me a 90% and it made it seem like woman are slaves to men. WHY?!?!?!

    Harry_Potter May 30 '14, 1:12AM
  • I feel like this person who made this test is like a slave or a servant to her husband ._. I have a 74% and I answer it correctly I don't understand this xD and on top of that I'm noy even married I'm only 17 and I chosen the answer a good wife would choose but I'm guessing he has to make everything like he owns me or something

    EmmetteSmith May 17 '14, 6:30PM
  • This test is incredibly misogynistic and stereotypical! Wives are not supposed to be servants, but equal partners in a relationship.

    Lady_Winchester May 17 '14, 12:12PM
  • 80%

    1D LOVES ME Apr 9 '14, 5:13PM

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