Are you a cheerful giver?

The Bible tells us that God loves a cheerful giver (II Cor.9:7, but sometimes we get mixed messages about giving to the church and peer pressures shape our giving practices.

Are you a cheerful, dutiful, or reluctant giver? This quiz defines the cheerful giver based on Lutheran stewardship principles. To score high - you must try to think like a Lutheran...

Created by: JP
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3. Stewardship describes
Getting money to support a church budget
Pressure to fill out a pledge card
A way to worship God
Out-of-date Old Testament laws
4. Stewardship relates to the way we
Manage our health
Manage our money
Manage the earth's resources
All of the above
5. Stewardship is
One of the 5 purposes of the church
A faith practice, like prayer
A fundraising method
Part of the church budget process
6. A pledge is
Required in order to be a church member
A way of determining the church budget
A personal commitment to grow in faith
A legally-binding commitment of money
7. Pledging to tithe (10%) of income is
The final goal for everyone
A commitment to trust God
Required by the 10 commandments
All of the above
8. If you can't honor your pledge
The church will revoke your membership
It shows a lack of faith
You can adjust your pledge
A and B only
9. The church budget
Should be based on anticipated pledges
Should describe a plan to serve God
Should determine the amount of your pledge
All of the above
10. If the church has budget shortfalls, it should
Aggressively enforce pledges
Try harder to recruit members
Study the Bible together more often and pray
Stop giving money to outside missions
11. How much one gives should be most influenced by
Quality of preaching
Trust in church leaders
Needs of the community
Gratitude for God's blessings
12. Practicing good stewardship
Requires a lot of faith at the outset
Helps faith to grow stronger
Helps make you wealthier
Is part of the "golden rule"

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