Are you a big guido???

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BaconCat said:
Feb 22 '14, 6:35PM

Really? I am not from somewhere else. I was born in New York. I've been living here my whole life. Maybe it's you who doesn't live here. You could have possibly moved here, and thought wow, this is how all new yorkers/new jersians act. (I don't know what people call people from jersey, I'm from new york and I don't know).
How about you go make a better quiz, get a life, or go f--- off.

keznya said:
Oct 23 '13, 2:11PM

everything this quiz is is my oppisite

Veronica_Lloyd said:
Apr 29 '12, 7:02AM

not a guido, u actually think its cool to be one???? geez ur an idiot :/

ringgo said:
Jul 9 '10, 5:46PM

im not a guido

ringgo said:
Jul 9 '10, 5:45PM

ya im from nj yes one of my places to eat is a diner and ya i used hair gel but im mostly irish

mk09 said:
Apr 24 '10, 11:51PM

idk wtf a guido is EXACTLY, but whatever, apparently im a LIL BIT GUIDO WHATEVERRR! haha

Rocker24 said:
Apr 21 '10, 7:11PM

Im a guido well im from jersey and all my friends are Italian

CaLiFoRnIa said:
Mar 30 '10, 3:42AM

WTF.I don't live in no damn Neberaska.I'm from Cali babayyy.BTW,WTF is a guido?

Ansa89 said:
Mar 12 '09, 10:36PM

i have no idea what a guido is. can someone tell me????????

bballxloverxo said:
Nov 20 '08, 9:10PM

ok whats a guido?? im from ny and it says im not a guido and i prob dont know what it even is which it totally true.

I pR0 V1x I said:
Aug 15 '08, 11:10PM

solid quiz, nothing special, knew i was a guido before, wat evs, bmw will be 1st car...playing rider part 2 with the windows down and the system up.. yea u know what it is son..peace

GU1DO said:
Aug 13 '08, 9:38PM

Wow, I thought I was a big guido from Brooklyn, NY, and it turns out that, as I was told by about everybody I know, that according to this quiz, I'm a "Bif F'in Guido." I'm Italian and am going to get a BMW 3 series as my first car, blasting hip hop and rap wearing a FILA jogging suit with my hair gelled back.

s_tu_ie said:
May 19 '08, 3:22PM

not a guido and i live in Wyoming so dont make fun of me

LalaKat said:
Mar 12 '08, 11:19PM

My whole family's from new york except me and my sister,and I bet ya none of my family know HALF of these stupid answers. Oh and, BTW-Gel is for losers.

rguitar said:
Jan 22 '08, 7:48PM

dude i thought i was a big guido and i got big guido but that isnt me
-my hair is naturaly awesome
-i dont no wat a cycle is

but not bad quiz, somewhat accurate i guess

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