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  • Really? I am not from somewhere else. I was born in New York. I've been living here my whole life. Maybe it's you who doesn't live here. You could have possibly moved here, and thought wow, this is how all new yorkers/new jersians act. (I don't know what people call people from jersey, I'm from new york and I don't know).
    How about you go make a better quiz, get a life, or go f--- off.

    BaconCat Feb 22 '14, 6:35PM
  • everything this quiz is is my oppisite

    keznya Oct 23 '13, 2:11PM
  • not a guido, u actually think its cool to be one???? geez ur an idiot :/

    Veronica_Lloyd Apr 29 '12, 7:02AM
  • im not a guido

    ringgo Jul 9 '10, 5:46PM
  • ya im from nj yes one of my places to eat is a diner and ya i used hair gel but im mostly irish

    ringgo Jul 9 '10, 5:45PM
  • idk wtf a guido is EXACTLY, but whatever, apparently im a LIL BIT GUIDO WHATEVERRR! haha

    mk09 Apr 24 '10, 11:51PM
  • Im a guido well im from jersey and all my friends are Italian

    Rocker24 Apr 21 '10, 7:11PM

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