Are you a Back to the Future fan?

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brittpetros said:
Jul 17 '14, 2:46PM

I need watch the movie again its been awhile.

grace6 said:
Aug 15 '12, 8:04PM

i just tried and what I said below doesn't work. so... don't fall for it like i did! its a waste of time.

kahlua said:
Jul 7 '11, 7:43AM

directed by... Robert Zemeckis!

bttfnut89 said:
Nov 10 '10, 8:45PM

Like the other people have been saying. Speilberg was the Executive Producer. Robert Zemeckis was the director and co-writer.

PlanetDestroyer1 said:
Jun 30 '10, 11:54PM


Benjaminfan12 said:
May 10 '10, 4:23PM

73%, I love this film!

MaggiErisian said:
Sep 17 '09, 10:37PM

I agree. Not very accurate with spelling mistakes.

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