another really nice story!

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there are so many nice and romantic and funny stories out there but i made this one it's a kinda nice a little bit romantic and funny well...idk what to say!love you all

do you like nice stories?!well this is another really nice story i made it my self and you know i was bored and welllll hope you enjoy enjoy enjoy enjoy enjoy enjoy ...

Created by: slytherin queeen
1. What is your age?
Under 18 Years Old
18 to 24 Years Old
25 to 30 Years Old
31 to 40 Years Old
41 to 50 Years Old
51 to 60 Years Old
Over 60 Years Old
2. What is your gender?
3. thank you sooo much for taking my quiz!
yaahyaaah whatever
hiiiiiiiiiiii!no problem!
4. so this is a really nice story!
and thats why i'm taking it
start before i leave (me:no no don't leave)
are you sure?!(me:uuummm...yah)
5. so it's another boring tuesday evening....
i hate tuesday evenings!
my tuesday evenings r not boring!
being bored is not nice!(me:SO?!)
6. you live in the most boring street in the world....
yah i live in the most boring PLACE in the world!
but i live in a nice place with a cute park just a round the corner and a....(me:ok i don't care stop talking i'm telling you a nice story!)
boring places are not nice(me:you think?!)
7. you had areally bad day...
yaaah i had a really bad day(me:can u stop repiting?!)
but i had a good day(me:you really are a happy person!)
where can i find candy?!(me:what?!)
8. when you fill you are the most lonley person on the plant....
i am the lonleyest person on the plant(me:stop it)
but i have really good friend and family and..(me:can u make it shorter?!)
i want candy(me:where in the world can i find candy for u?!)
9. when you think the worl can't get wors...
world can't..(me:ooooh STOP IT)
what about when i think the world can't get batter ?(uuum....well good for u!)
you know what?!iwant ice cream!(me:but i brought u candy!)IWANT ICE CREAM
10. when you really want some thing but u can't reach it....
when ....i.....i'm going to sleep(me:better!)
but dady get me what ever i want(me:really?ur lucky!)
i want ice cream iwant ice cream(me:how old are u again?!)
11. when you sit on your window and try to not to cry.....
but i'm on the chair!
i won't cry.i'm strong.
i will cry cuze i want ice cream
12. i will come near your window....
how do you know where i live?!
oooh thant's really nice of u!
i'm not talking to u any more i want ice cream!
13. and saaaay.....
that it's ok and be strong?!(me:ummmm....)
that you'll buy me an ice cream?!
that tommorow i have a math quiz?
14. i'll say:ICE CREAM ICE CREAM...DOES ANY ONE WANT ICE CREAM?!only with 50 sents!
that is awesom i love ice cream!it's the only thing that can make my day!
i want one iwant one yaaaaaaaaaay!
but i'm sad!
15. the end!
finally got my ice cream!
that was rubish!(me:heeey!)
i liked it!(me:& ilike u!)

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