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ThisIsThe8BitMe said:
Sep 17 '15, 11:32AM

Viking! :-D

Raptor Gal said:
Apr 30 '15, 3:57AM


Jyodisha said:
Mar 30 '15, 6:05AM

Samurai... hihi

spartanistical said:
Mar 8 '15, 9:28PM

Zoe Nightshade said:
Dec 5 '14, 5:35PM

Spartan!!! 97%!!

pheonix_pharaoh said:
Aug 24 '14, 11:55AM

Your Result: Spartan

You are very disciplined, loyal, and very brave. You fight in a phalanx, with hundreds of other men like you, trained since they were six years old. Very much like the Three Hundred that stood by Leonidas against the Persians. Have fun killing, man.




ha ha, but im a girl and Egyptian

Awsomeguy123 said:
May 21 '14, 10:24PM

Ancient Warrior Quiz
Your Result: Viking

At home, you are mostly peaceable. But, overseas, you are a rowdy monstrous warrior. Fighting in furs, mostly, you are a terror to behold. One on one, you could take a Spartan. In an army, you could overcome the Samurais. You pillage, trade, and kill all in the name of the Norse gods. Enjoy the drinks, women slaves, dude.




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