American dad quiz

There are many smart american dad fans, but few true geniuses. American dad genius is, afterall, quite exceptional! I bet all of you guys have always been wondering about this! "Am I a worthy american dad genius! Take this awesome super quiz to finally find out!

Are YOU a genius? Do you have the brainpower to qualify for that prestigious american dad title? Until now you could only wonder about it! But thanks to my ingenius quiz, you'll find out about your destiny. Are you a true AD genius? Or just some damn f---ing pushover!

Created by: Vincent

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  1. Who is Stan Smith's mother?
  2. Who is Stan Smith's father who he thought to be a studly-super agent when he was really a con artist?
  3. Who is Hayley's on and off boyfriend?
  4. Who is Stan's rival at the CIA who got his bran muffin because he had a better catch phrase?
  5. Who does Betty [Stan's mom] get remarried to?
  6. Who is Chuck White's snobbish wife?
  7. Did Greg Corbin use to be straight instead of gay?
  8. Who is Hayley Smith's step-grandfather
  9. Who is Stan's double at the CIA which he uses when things aren't going the way he likes it?
  10. Who does Stan almost get killed by?
  11. What is Francine's maiden name?
  12. Which girl did Steve find and think was hot?

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