am i pretty? normal? ugly?

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fybkuhhs said:
Feb 9 '18, 7:45PM

Your Result: You're pretty!

Congratulati ons! You're gorgeous. You don't have to change yourself. Just be yourself and have fun with it. After all you're young and beautiful! So once again congratulations on getting a great

SilverOwl125 said:
Feb 22 '17, 12:48AM

I'm normal apparently.

Well at least it didn't say I'm hideous

Thunder_Claw said:
Jan 22 '17, 2:14PM

84% pretty... Yay, I guess?

Eat Potatoes said:
Sep 9 '16, 11:55PM


IM NORMAL!!!!!!!!!! :D

Smileylover10 said:
Jul 15 '16, 1:12AM

84% pretty
83% normal
25% ugly

Puppylover64 said:
May 28 '16, 2:36PM

92%. I'm still ugly though.

Saara said:
May 15 '16, 5:23AM

70% pretty
33% ugly
Dat bad?

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