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  • am i pretty? normal? ugly?
    Your Result: your pretty!

    congratulations! Your gorgeous. You don't have to change yourself. Just be yourself and have fun with it. after all your young and beautiful! So once again congratulations on getting a great score!


    Katherine0708 Aug 17 '12, 10:38AM
  • normal and pretty looked like they were tied.... it came up with normal though. i wasnt "okay" at all(: i took this cuz im bored, but now im happy too(:

    Sports19 Aug 14 '12, 6:14PM
  • I GOT THAT IM NORMAL.yeh im normal im awsome its.all.about.mer looks.

    tyler wazzap Aug 9 '12, 11:57PM
  • Yes! thank goodness I'm normal. I think I would have killed myself If I'd gotten okay

    dasdd Aug 6 '12, 5:13PM
  • I got pretty:)

    Iloveanimals Jul 31 '12, 8:54AM
  • i got normal they said i was cute and dont need makeup! whoo!!

    smt123rockbug Jul 23 '12, 8:13AM
  • i got pretty yep omg i like this quiz

    josellarodrigue Jul 11 '12, 7:14PM

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