Am I a Lesbian?

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NamelessAnon said:
Sep 6 '15, 4:45AM


heh.. "you are probably not a lesb but had a characteristic like one" more like i appreciate beauty when I see one though xD nice quiz

puppylover101 said:
Aug 4 '15, 1:43AM

Sorry didn't know if my comment got on there

puppylover101 said:
Aug 4 '15, 1:41AM

I tested other test they said I'm kinda a lesbian but I still don't know but I like girls a little

puppylover101 said:
Aug 4 '15, 1:34AM

I tested other test they said I might be a lez so I still don't know but I kinda like girls

EmeraldBeem said:
Jun 14 '15, 8:30PM

48%! I luv my life.. Maybe..

afrye18 said:
May 31 '15, 9:07AM

I love girls there way better than boys!

Hay said:
May 11 '15, 8:07PM

I am a lesbian and I love it ... I have had SEX a ton of themes and I am happy

ThisIsThe8BitMe said:
Apr 30 '15, 12:13PM

This is just a quiz, so don't take it way too seriously.

I'm alright with my result.

ThisIsThe8BitMe said:
Apr 30 '15, 12:12PM

This is just a quiz, so don't take it way too seriously.

I'm alright with my result.

Ange Kaperonis said:
Apr 5 '15, 7:20PM

Nothing wrong with being lesbian!! Angela Kaperonis x

Say wha said:
Apr 4 '15, 5:50PM

Any girls around 12-13??? I'm single and bi!!! I HAVE BI PRIDE!

imhuman said:
Mar 31 '15, 7:44AM

Yeah 52% yeah im totally bi and proud of it.

shersher42 said:
Mar 27 '15, 11:33AM

I think that I'm a lesbian I've thought about it several times but how do i expose my self and What would people think of me i hardly ever imagine my selfish with guy

Cute kitten said:
Jan 20 '15, 8:14PM

I always fantasize about making out with my female friend so I kind of knew I was.... o.o Does that make me weird? xD

fabulafairy said:
Jan 3 '15, 11:23AM

lol i knew that i was a lesbian anyways- I've taken 30 other quizzes and they all said i was lez

CoolGrl3676 said:
Dec 27 '14, 5:26AM

Thank goodness im not a lez I was scared but I only got 12% . The reason I checked is because I cant seem to forget a old friend who was a girl so I wasnt sure.

pinkfluffieh said:
Dec 21 '14, 9:59PM

I got 100 i knew i was one anyway

Poop Fart said:
Dec 13 '14, 5:44PM

thechosenone it's just a quiz. You might not be a lesbian. You might be, but a quiz doesn't tell you everything. Follow your heart!

Anko said:
Nov 28 '14, 3:38AM

51% Really have no clue. Had a gay moment and been questioning since already took at least 6 quizes!

kitnip said:
Nov 2 '14, 9:39PM

67 probably cuz I sadly don't have a dog and I KNOW ima lesbian... I love other girls...

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