Am I a Lesbian?

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Princess Zelda said:
Apr 11 '12, 7:28PM

0% sweet! Now where is Link. I need him for...*sexual fantasies*(COUGH!)u h, helping me! *O GODZ YES!* (COUGH!)

Shiny_Starr said:
Apr 1 '12, 9:24AM

0%. Yup, that's right. I like meh some boyz! xDD lol

meow15 said:
Mar 31 '12, 3:15PM

o my god im bi not lezbo i got 95% but i guess they are close enough. i did have a girlfreind but she left the world so yeah. :(

errr said:
Mar 19 '12, 2:47AM

83% I never thought of that... well I guess, maybe I am XD!

hannah18 said:
Feb 28 '12, 11:15PM

28% I finger myself at night &watch p o r n on my iPhone ...

I'm 12 .

Lesbian love said:
Feb 27 '12, 5:41PM

Yay 54 percent lesbian

KAITEY789 said:
Feb 22 '12, 9:16PM

1% YAY!!!

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