Alpha And Omega: Which Wolf Are You?

Alpha and Omega was a good kids movie from 2010 about two wolves who are opposites, but they get captured and released into the wilderness and have to work together to get back home and fall in love.

There are two MAIN main characters, but also four others. This quiz is to see which wolf you are most like from this good movie, and it is written in the point of a story. And just cause it's long doesn't mean that i have no life.

Created by: Purest Kludd
1. What is your age?
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2. What is your gender?
3. You are a young wolf pup growing up in your pack when you meet a wolf the opposite gender but same age as you that you begin to fall in love with. What do you two usually do?
Play a lot of games that you made up.
Show them some of your attacking techniques.
Talk to them with more mature matters.
Go over to each other's den.
Play any kind of games they want.
Play with them only because you like them.
4. Once you and your friend grow up a little more, your friend has to go away until after next season. How do you feel?
Fine! I'll just wait two seasons!
Confused about why they wold leave so soon.
Worried about if they will be the same after they come back.
Angry, but not at the freind. I want to rip those rule makers' limbs off sometimes.
Sad about why they can't stay.
Alright, it's no big deal. I'll find some other friends while by best friend is gone.
5. Soon, when your friend comes back, it's time for the newly graduated Alphas to go on their first real hunt. But an enemy pack invades on the hunt! What do you do?
Fight for your territory as soon as possible.
Slide down in the middle of the tension and do something hilarious to break up the fight.
Run to your parents and tell them about it.
Rip whoever who comes in my way's limbs off and shove it down their throats.
Run in to help defend your pack mates.
Be ready to stop the fight.
6. It's time for the Moonlight Howl (a party that is thrown once a month), and you need to pick a date. Who would it be?
A wolf from a rival pack that your parents set up to unite the packs.
A cute wolf that i found walking around.
A blind date.
One of your friends.
Nobody, i won't celebrate this month.
Anyone i can find.
7. After the Moonlight Howl, you and your friend are captured and released into the wilderness to repopulate, but it would be breaking the rules because one of you is an Alpha and the other is an Omega, and your friend wants to go back home. What do you do?
Take your friend back home.
Ask if you could stay a little while but go right back home afterwards.
Ask if you can just stay because it's beautiful there and there are no rules against any of that.
Let your friend go but stay there.
Look for a way back yourself and then let your friend know.
Go back home. I don't care if they can't keep up, i'm gettin' outta here!
8. You comes across many ways to transport you back home, but which is your preferred choice?
A train that runs past a multitude of country lines.
A mobile home being hauled by a truck.
What ever happened to going by foot?
A cargo airplane or other airline.
An abandoned cargo ship that travels to other states.
I'll have my friend carry me.
9. Once you get back home, you find out that the rival pack is going out to war with your pack and they still don't know that you are back and will kill a lot of wolves. What do you do?
Let everyone be sure that you're back so you can break up the fight.
Follow by your friend's side so you can back them up. I'm not much of a leader.
Run at your love's side to protect them as you try to break the tension.
Join the fight and protect your pack.
Make sure everyone knows I'm back with a literally killer entrance.
Run to your parents so they know you're safe.
10. After the wolf packs decide to stop the fight, you have to get married to someone you're not that into. What do you do?
You know you can't do it, but you still try to go through with it.
Try to get out of it.
Try to look at the bright side.
Just do it. I can't disobey the rules.
Run away. I can't marry this person.
Just try to do your best with this person.
11. You end up not marrying that last person, but your friend is forced to marry a wolf from the rival pack. How do you react?
Run away from the pack. I can't bear the thought of that.
Try to go through with it.
Try to bear the thought and marry the one you love most.
There is nothing i can do.
Try to get help with the situation.
Go on a small rampage for a while or find someone else.
12. Finally, the pack leaders decide to break the rules and let the Alphas and Omegas marry, and you have the freedom to marry your friend. What are they like?
A smart, pretty Alpha girl.
A funny, clever Omega boy.
A strong, athletic Alpha boy.
A quiet, nervous Omega girl.
A serious, smart Alpha boy.
A somewhat violent, outgoing Omega girl.
13. Lastly, how would you describe your personality?
Smart and brave.
Fun-loving and clever.
Loyal and brave.
Shy and quiet.
Outgoing and proud.
Serious and stubborn.

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