which rapper are you?

Do u love rap? because if u do than this is the quiz or u. This quiz will tell u wut rapper u are most like, and hopefully help u find out a little bit more about urself than u already know. I hope u enjoy this quiz. Have fun!

Are you t.i., nelly, kanye west, eminem, fifty cent, or tupac? find out with this quiz. each of these rappers are different in and have their own personality traits that are good or bad. Find out which one matches u best.

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You are driving and are cut off. You...
Catch up to the driver and give him a warning
Brush it off. It ain't no thing.
Complain to the local traffic authorities to do their job
Cuss out the driver as you speed past
Get out of the car and attack him
Call up your boys and tell them to meet u up at the parking lot behind eat 'n park, then corner this guy and attack him
You are arguing with your girl/boyfriend and they make a nasty comment about your recently deceased mother. You...
Tell them if they say that again, they'll be thrown out of the house
Tell them they need to get out while u calm down
Break down crying about your mama
Scream at them until they get out
Attack them
Yell at them to get out, then call up ur mama and have her fight that girl
There is one seat left in a packed movie theater, which you and ur friend are at. You...
Take turns with the friend in the seat.
Go see another movie. This one ain't going anywhere
Sit on the floor. It's better than missing the movie.
Yell at someone else to get out of there seat so u and ur friend can both sit down
Attack someone else for their seat
Get ur boys to clear out a whole row just for u and them
Someone else takes credit for your good work on a school group project. You...
Take them aside and warn that they better give you ur credit
Speak up for urself in a polite but not too polite way
Yell at the person for taking ur credit
Tell at the person for taking credit and attack them
Attack them
Get ur boys to corner them after school
There is one last roll at the dinner table, which ur brother and you both want. You...
tell ur brother first come first serve and try to get it before him.
Split the roll with your brother
Give the roll to ur brother but tell him next time u get his roll
yell at him for eating too much
rip the roll out of his hand
rip the roll out of his hand and punch him
You're in line for tickets to a basketball game, and you see two of ur friends in line rightbehind you. They realize they don't have any money, and ask you for some. You...
Give them the cash, but warn them to pay you back.
Give them the cash without expecting it back.
Give them half of ur money, and tell them to earn the other half
Yell at them for being stupid enough to forget money.
Forget them, and push ur way into the front of the line
Punch 'em for beggin for money. they should have more class.
What are you most likely to do on a friday night?
Chill with ur friends at party
Ride around looking for a good club to hit
Play poker
drive around with ur boys
Pick a fight
Get high and pick a fight
You find a girl/boy drunk at a bar. You...
Give them 10 bucks for a cab and send them home
Look for someone they know to take care of them
Look at them like they were from mars and be like, pshh get some class
Buy them a drink and strike up a conversation
Take them into a back room....
Find another drunk girl and take them into a back room....
You want to watch tv but ur parents want you to do chores. You
Do the chore in a way that will make the house look much worse
State your case about watching tv as politely as possible
Yell at them about wanting to watch tv
curse at them and leave the house
throw a fit
attack them
Someone leaves 10$ on a counter and starts to leave the restaurant. You...
Give them the cash, but warn them to be more careful with there money
Hurry up after them to give them the cash
Give them the cash but tell them they need to be more careful, that this country wasn't founded on careless people
Take the cash
Take the cash and use it for a drink
Take the cash and use it to get high

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