Zombie Survival Test

We all know what zombies are and we've all thought about what would happen if they actually attacked, but we don't all know our chances of surviving a zombie outbreak, figure out yours and see if your as prepared as you thought.

Could you kill a man maybe, but could you kill what is already dead, could you survive if the dead literally stood up and walked out of there graves, furthermore, could you put them back in them.

Created by: Rykin Cords
1. What is your age?
Under 18 Years Old
18 to 24 Years Old
25 to 30 Years Old
31 to 40 Years Old
41 to 50 Years Old
51 to 60 Years Old
Over 60 Years Old
2. What is your gender?
3. What kind of shape are you in?
Skiny and Weak
4. Do you have any physical experience?
Im in the army
I do martial arts
I play paintball
I play sports/run
Two or more of the above
5. Do you own a gun?
A few
A BB/Airsoft/Paintball Gun
6. Do you know how to use a gun?
Just aim and shoot right?
7. Do you fear the sight of blood?
I get a little sick
8. What do you drive?
A truck
A van/suv
A motorcycle
A semi-truck
I can't drive
9. Where do you live?
A big city
A small town
An unpopulated island
A suburb
The country
10. What would you do if you saw a news report about sick people attacking other people?
Assume its Its no big deal
Lock the doors and close the windows
Go check it out for yourself
Call a friend and try to learn more
Arm yourself
11. Where is the best place to go during a zombie outbreak?
A gun store
The police station
Stay home
The mall
A convenient store
Home Depot
12. Who would you being with you?
Your family
A few good friends
Find the police
Stay alone
Your dog
Two or more of the above
13. How would you survive?
Get somewhere safe and wait it out
Save all the people you could
Always keep moving
Kill as many zombies as possible
Deal with the problems as they come
14. What would you use to travel?
Sports car
Go on foot
Stay put
15. What household item is best suited for killing zombies?
A baseball bat
An axe
A shovel
A chainsaw
A sledge hammer
A knife
16. Whats your top priority?
Taking care of your truely
Saving your family/friends
Getting out of town
Finding a place to hide
Killing zombies
Trying to find a cure for the virus
17. Whats more dangerous people or zombies?
18. How far is your chosen destination from where you live?
It is where you live
Right next door
A few miles
Across town
I don't really know
19. Whats the best way to kill a zombie?
Shoot it in the head
Disembowel it
Cut off all its limbs
Punch it out
Technically its already dead...just leave it
20. What weapon is best against a zombie?
A shotgun
A sniper rifle
A katana
A pistol
A machine gun
A magnum
21. What do you do if someone with you might be infected?
Kill them
Tell them to leave
Hope they recover
Quarantine them
22. Would you allow other people to come with you?
If they had no wounds
23. Could you kill a family member that turned into a zombie?
If I had to
I'd have someone else do it
24. What do you do if you run out of food but you know that a shed nearby has some, however there is a sea of zombies between you and there?
Try to sneak passed them
Get a car and plow though
Run like hell
25. Do ya feel lucky?

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