Zombie Outbreak: The Beginning

We are all in the same boat when zombies attack. To survive you need skill, smarts and strength! Many roles are played, and survival skill is put to the test!

And now you can see where you fit into the adventure! Are the first to go down? are you the hero? NOW...you can find out. Join the team and see if you survive: THE BEGINNING

Created by: Ben Puccini
1. What is your age?
Under 18 Years Old
18 to 24 Years Old
25 to 30 Years Old
31 to 40 Years Old
41 to 50 Years Old
51 to 60 Years Old
Over 60 Years Old
2. What is your gender?
3. You Awake on what feels like a normal day. The Morning news, however, says a strange virus has caused illness, what is your reaction?
Throw out everything expired in your fridge.
Drink your coffee and forget about it.
Call up all your friends and warn them.
Try to discover what is causing the illness.
Check yourself for any symptoms.
4. You are driving to work when a man steps out in front of your car with an odd look on his face, what do you do?
Stop the car and ask if he is ok.
Run him down.
Stop and lay on the horn.
turn around and take a detour.
5. You arrive at the office to find half your co-workers are sick, you:
Forget it and go about your day.
Figure you may as well go home.
Report it to the hospital.
Visit them all to make sure they are ok.
6. You are home for the day, but while you were at work, an odd silence has fallen over your niehborhood, what do you do?
Check in your niehbor's houses for them.
Just forget it, go home and watch TV.
Leave your niehborhood.
7. OK so you have decided to leave, what do you bring? It must fit in your car!
Cram it full of food!
Video games, movies, laptop... need I go on?
A pet for companionship.
Just the basic zombie survival gear!
8. Lets say you brought a pet, what is it?
A BIG dog.
A small dog.
A cat.
A...um...BIG cat.
A bird
9. OK, back to the story. You realize your car does not have much gas left, but luckily, you know how to hotwire cars, what do you take?
The Smith's Minivan
The Goldstein's SUV
The Zercheli's Porsche
Old Man Hedwich's Oldsmobile
Larry Perkins' Harley
10. You stop to eat lunch when; Your Best friend, a sexy chick/manly stud, an old man and a monkey all ask to join you. You have just seen "The Happening" and don't want to travel in large groups, who comes?
Your best friend.
The hot chick/manly stud.
The old man
The monkey
Nobody, you work alone.
11. You, your pet (hereafter called Max), and your new ally need to stop for the night, where do you set up camp?
In a HUGE building.
In a house.
In the forest.
in the middle of the road (come on now)
behind a building.
12. You hear a sound in the middle of the night. It is coming from just out of sight. What do you do?
Ask "Who is that?"
Go check it out.
Tell your ally to check it out.
Tell Max to check it out.
ignore it.
Fire off six rounds in the general direction of the sound.
13. When you awake the next morning, 96% of the population has lost their minds and are attacking the remaining 4% You're only goal now, IS TO SURVIVE...will you take part 2 of my quiz ZOMBIE OUTBREAK: THE RISE OF THE DEAD?
Yeah sure, why not?
NO (this will hurt you score >:l )

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