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What will you do in a zombie outbreak? What will you do? Discover your options and see what type of survivor you are. Can YOU deal with a zombie outbreak? Or will you attempt suicide?

Are YOU a survivor of the zombie outbreak?? Do you have the skills to qualify for that prestigious title? Until now you could only wonder. But thanks to this great quiz, in just a few minutes you will find out!"

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3. You are at home, the air sirens sound. You turn on the TV, all channels have the same message; A zombie outbreak has initiated! What will you do?
Cower and cry.
Barricade the house.
Get out on the street and see what's happening.
Run to the supermarket and stack up on supplies.
Take your nearest weapon and start fighting them!
4. You are surrounded by a group of zombies. In front of you are 2 weapons. A machete, and a pistol with 12 bullets. What will you take?
The machete. Hack 'n Slash!
The gun. Pump 'em full of lead!
5. You team up with 2 good friends of yours. One of your friends suggests you should keep moving and look for survivors. Your other friend says you'd better stay put and wait for help.
Listen to friend 1. Keep moving.
Listen to friend 2. Stay put.
6. You are at the mall. There are zombies everywhere. In front of you there are some shops. What shop will you enter?
The Gadget Shop
The Supermarket
The Jewellry store.
7. A zombie is standing in front of you, it is moving quite slow. You can easily hit him with your melee weapon. Where will you hit the zombie?
In his knees.
In his head.
Right in the chest.
8. You're at an office bathroom. You're at the 4th story. Zombies are raiding several offices. You hear a zombie walking into the bathrooms. What will you do?
Climb out of the window and jump down 4 stories.
Lock the door and pull up your feet. Hoping they won't notice you.
Open the door and swing wildly at the zombies, fighting your way out.
Try to hide in the air shafts.
9. You find a locked car. The keys to the car are lying on the driver's seat. What will you do?
Smash the window. Risking that zombies will hear the alarm.
Leave the car alone and find shelter.
10. You see your pet dog getting picked up by a heavily muscled zombie, your dog is helpless. What will you do?
Run at the zombie and try to kill it before it's too late.
Run away and leave your dog alone.
11. You see a wounded deer lying on the highway. You are starving. What now?
Shoot the deer and eat it's meat.
Leave it alone, as the smell of blood may attract more zombies.
Use it to lure zombies.
12. The zombie outbreak is over. A cleanup is started by the government. What will you do now?
Get back to normal life.
Help clean up the city.
Find your deceased friends and family and bury them.

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