Youtuber Girlfriend

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Mini Minion said:
Jun 10 '16, 2:26AM

Yay zoella you are the best

Saara said:
May 19 '16, 11:17AM

Who has noticed that practically every comment is fake crush stuff which is bs that doesnt work

TheShyKid said:
Apr 17 '16, 2:26PM

Kirito_SAO said:
Mar 21 '16, 6:52PM

OK did you name any POPULAR ones, because I've never heard f any of these weird people and when I looked them up, I don't like them. I'm pretty sure a guy doesn't like any videos about makeup or any of the other answers in that dumb thing! This quiz is crap, LOW RATING

0902HUGS said:
Aug 30 '15, 5:01AM

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