Your Wolf Life

Ah, the majestic wolf. Many people like wolves, though most are just wolfaboos, there are the few that truly appreciate their elegance and beauty, and some even wonder what their wolf life would be like.

Wolves. They go through some pretty tough things every just imagine what it would be like for a wolf in a fantasy story! Do you wonder what your fantasy wolf life will be like? Then take this quiz!

Created by: Twilight The Owl
1. What is your age?
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2. What is your gender?
3. You are growing up in a pack as a young pup. How is your life going so far?
Stressful. I can't sleep without being haunted by my past and future.
Great! I'm the son/daughter of an Alpha!
Good. It could be better.
Fantastic! I have all the fun i could ever want in just one average day!
Horrible. I'm constantly being pushed around by my parents, siblings, and older wolves.
Why should i tell you?
4. Soon, you begin seeing a young wolf your age, and you start to like him/her. Do you think you have a future together?
Yes. After all, they are the son/daughter of another Alpha.
Maybe. It is possible.
No way. I'm an Omega, and the other is an Alpha, Alphas can only mate with other Alphas. And they probably don't even know i exist.
Don't know, don't care.
Definatly! I'll make sure i mate with this wolf.
I think so. It's kinda hard to tell.
5. You are a pre-teen wolf now, and you know your pack rank. What is it?
Strong Alpha
Noble Beta
Smart Delta
Clever Omega
6. Things have been getting extremely stressful for you in your pack now, and you're old enough to run away and fend for yourself. What do you do?
I wouldn't waste this perfect oppertunity to run away, and my whole is filled with stress. Lone wolf time!
Just face it head on. It'll be over soon.
Unleash my anger.
Try to make the best of it.
Try to forget the stress.
Try to shake it off with some fun, or isolate yourself for a while.
7. You and the wolf that you used to have a crush on got separated from the pack! Now, you are both utterly lost and hardly know each other, and you're stuck in some foreign land. What do you do?
Go back home, try to get your partner to follow.
Follow your partner back to the pack.
Become a lone wolf, a traveler. Who knows? It might be fun. You might go places.
Stay there. Your pack was treating you pretty harshly, and freedom with your crush may lead to fun.
Go to the pack, let your partner stay.
Don't panic. Let nature take it's course.
8. Soon, you both end up getting kidnapped by horribly brutal, ravenous wolves and coyotes! One of the coyotes asks you two if you want him to help you escape. What do you say?
"No way! How can i trust you? You KIDNAPPED us!"
"Sure! We couldn't get out of here by ourselves!"
"Why are you aksing?"
"Yes, that would be nice."
"No. I like it here. I might have a better life."
"Why are you only offering to help us? We aren't the only people here, you know!"
9. You ask the coyote, "Who are you, anyway?" He tells you, "Allow me to explain. I am Gilbert. I work for these guys only to help wolves get out of this place. Don't worry, you can trust me." How do you respond?
I'll let my partner do the talking this time.
"I still don't trust you."
"So you can really help us escape?"
Just walk away slowly.
"No, i can't. Come on, partner. We'll escape ourselves."
10. You finally agree and Gilbert takes you through a dirt tunnel. He says, "I dug out this thing out myself. I take all the escaping wolves out through here. But you have to be quiet, or you'll get caught and end up like..." Gilbert stops and points to a shattered wolf skeleton in a pool of guts and dried up blood. "...That guy." He says and continues to walk. What do you do?
Think "Um, ew."
Continue walking, but more alert and cautious.
"Ew, the guts got on my fur!"
Take the skull with you as a souviner.
Stop and turn back.
Run up ahead of Gilbert to make things quicker.
11. Now, Gilbert says to your partner, "Hey, you go on ahead. I'm taking your partner through this way." Your partner agrees and keeps walking. Gilbert leads you into a small chamber with a dead end. You ask, "What is this for?" Gilbert responds, "Oh, this. I'll let you in on a little secret. This was all a trap. All the wolves fall for it, too. This tunnel doesn't lead anywhere. It has a dead end, and I brought you here to kill you, and there's no exit. Your partner can't get out either, and he's/she's next." What do you do?
Close your eyes and brace yourself.
Attack the stupid coyote!
Call for help.
Promise to be his eternal slave if he doesn't kill you.
Dig out an escape route!
Say in a sinister voice, "I wouldn't do that if i were you,"
12. Just as Gilbert has you pinned and is about to plunge his teeth into your chest, you fall backward. Your partner figured out it was a trap and dug an escape route. You slip out of Gilbert's grip and you and your partner dash out and make for the exit. Gilbert chases you, but you blocked both exits, so he was trapped. You look over at your partner and say...
"Thanks for saving me."
"I could have done that myself, had i not been pinned down."
"You're lucky i saved you."
"...You saved my life..."
"You're a hero!"
Don't say anything, it might ruin it.
13. You and your partner are walking through the woods when you hear a cracking sound. Your partner freaks out, looks around, and points. You sniff at what he/she is pointing at. It is a bear cub hiding behind a bush. Your partner sniffs at it, then you. Apparently, it's mum got the wrong idea, as when you and your partner turn to leave, she growls and slashes at you. What do you do?
Attack the bear!
Calmly explain to the bear that we didn't mean to hurt her cub.
Walk away slowly.
Stand still, tell your partner to do the same.
Say in a confident voice, "Don't worry, we can handle this,"
14. You and your partner manage to run away from the bear, but your partner trips off of a cliff and falls onto a train track, a locomotive charging full speed at him/her. What will you do?
Let them take care of it.
Repay him/her for saving you by jumping off the layers of rock, grabbing them, and jumping on the train.
Jump off of the cliff too.
Walk away. Not your problem.
Howl a mourning song for them. It's probably alreadly too late.
15. You save your partner and jump onto the train. The partner wakes up, he/she complains of a few broken bones, but they say that they're fine. They thank you for your help and saving them, and both of you have grown stronger feelings for each other, but you are right at the pack's territory, and you only have a little time left to tell each other how you feel. How do you do so?
Take a deep breath and tell them.
Tell them in your own words.
Try to give off signs.
Try to choke it out.
Try to get them to tell you first.
Tell them you had a weird dream about you becoming mates.
16. You soon get back to your pack and you want to live with your old partner and become mates. Do you?
Yes, mates for life.
No, we're in different packs, I'm an Omega, they're an Alpha.
No, I want to wait and know each other longer.
No, we're in different packs, I'm an Alpha, thy're an Omega.

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