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The Art of Love said:
Apr 30 '17, 7:59PM

Apparently my name should be Paul. The only Paul I know is kind of chunky and loves sitting and drinking non alcoholic beverages. He's not exactly how I'd describe myself. (Yes. I'm a guy. Always have been. I'm just always giving my dad romantic advice, and as of now, I wish I could remember it)

LoserLoner said:
Feb 15 '17, 10:18PM


PikaKitty10 said:
Dec 5 '16, 12:56PM

Queen Lupin said:
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Queen Lupin said:
Aug 5 '15, 12:51PM
Girl - Am I pretty?
Boy - No
Girl - Do you want to be with me forever?
Boy - No
Girl - Will you cry if I walk away?
Boy - No
The girl walks away, hurt. Tears running down her face as the boy grabs her arm.
Boy - You're not pretty, you're beautiful. I don't want to be with you forever, I NEED to be with you forever. I wouldn't cry if you walked away, I would DIE!
Boy- Please stay with me?
Girl - I will
Tonight at midnight your true love will realize they love you.
Something good will happen to you at 1-4pm. Tomorrow it could be anywhere. Get ready for the biggest shock of your life! If you don't send this to five other events you will have relationship problems for the next 10 years. If you paste this on 10 other quizzes you will get everything you want tomorrow

fluffywaffle said:
Oct 10 '16, 7:26PM

Harmony, I like that name.

Beautiful123 said:
Aug 8 '16, 10:31AM

I changed gender in this quiz... I got Braden.


AnimalAveril said:
Jul 19 '16, 8:06PM

NOT TRUE! I'm a Gil and I got Braden not even close (why did somebody cuss about it 😱) it's in my username I'm Averil not Braden lol nobody thought about that they only thought about spring and April!

Warriors30 said:
Jun 9 '16, 4:54PM

Wow this is so weird my dad wanted my name to be paul

arielle love said:
Jun 5 '16, 2:58AM

my BFF's name is harmony

Livvypollock4 said:
May 31 '16, 11:11AM


Puppylover64 said:
May 28 '16, 2:39PM

Apparently I went from a girl in real life to a guy in this quiz. I got Braden. What happened?!

Saara said:
May 3 '16, 1:28PM

Huh.... I didnt realise that i could CHANGE GENDER!!
I got paul or braden.
I am no longer a girl D:

Mr_Ginger14 said:
Apr 29 '16, 7:10PM

crusty_cocopi said:
Apr 26 '16, 9:45PM

ummm. I am a girl and it gave me the name braden.... YUS! that name is awesome!

firestar12 said:
Apr 24 '16, 7:45PM

Not even closs

Lolfun said:
Apr 12 '16, 10:21PM

nope. sorry!

Crae Crae ness said:
Apr 4 '16, 5:59PM

WOW my name IS braeden

Tamralol2003 said:
Mar 24 '16, 1:01PM

and my name is not harmony my name is tamra jokes on u lol lol

RainbowPenguin7 said:
Mar 18 '16, 7:44AM

I got Devine/Brendan... IM A GIRL

collielover said:
Feb 20 '16, 11:47PM

yeah same doglovergirl im a girl

Piez said:
Feb 20 '16, 1:33PM

I got a boy name? Huh, pretty sure I was a girl... (_)

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