You Bang Folk nation?

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6iGfOlk_ said:
Nov 20 '15, 8:52AM

When i die
show no pity
send my soul
to gangsta city
dig a hole
6 feet deep
put two staffs
at my feet
put two shot guns
across my chest
and tell my FOLKS
i did my best!
Love GD!

BGDN said:
Apr 9 '15, 11:41AM

johnf igd said:
Jan 20 '15, 12:13PM

I walked 6 deep 360

johnf igd said:
Jan 20 '15, 12:06PM

Og John Franklin in the house wat up folk spit real knowlage whit that ant on the web 6 popping 5 drooping drip keeps dripping why does the drip keep dripping? The s--- on the web is faded I been kicking it for over 20years my e mail is [no emails] be real or eat steal

Flowwsosick said:
Jul 17 '14, 2:24AM


What You Keep Under Your Bed ?

mtwice74 said:
Jan 4 '14, 7:37AM

Fakes all over internet even in 2k14 lol, PML to all the real Gs out there... YURP

Gauge974 said:
Dec 24 '13, 9:57AM

Gs move in silence! Shoulnt 6e no 120 on the web! Niggas 6e puttin shyt out there . Gon have a 6uncha 1536s runnin round cause they done read the shyt on the mo fukin internet! ConCity 2.15.19 412\912 to all the real lyfe Gs. Yall thas on here, needa find some kinfolks roind yo way n get rite!

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