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  • I would have liked questions to include views about encumbants; about salaries and benefits of encumbants; about abortion views; marriage laws and more. Almost, but not quite, recommend a lie detector ytest for each candidate.

    Wes Apr 23 '12, 10:01AM
  • Note to commentators- Do Not Use The Ampersand. It appears this program has a problem with it. In example watch this & you will see & understand. But do please get Amped Up and VOTE!

    dleet115 Apr 19 '12, 5:30PM
  • I agree with aredwine on women's health issues & LGBT. I also would have liked to have seen questions addressing local mass transit improvement, local growth and renewal of our downtown areas, and where the candidates stand on the environmental issues. I strongly take exception to those who would want to dismantle the EPA, and open up public lands to development. They are speaking of our national and state lands that belong to ALL of us. Seems to me that in search of a quick profit, these candidates are willing to steal our heritage, pollute the air and water,denude our forests, use up our energy resources and not put in place anything that would use sustainable energy-in short to undo all the progress that has been accomplished since the EPA was founded, leaving nothing for future Americans. Also, I would like to see questions on where the candidates stand on repairing our infrastructure. It needs to be done, and soon. The safety of our communities depend on it. Not just roads and bridges, but pipelines for water and gas. We have, in recent years seen homes blown up by faulty gas mains. In Dallastown the Borough has been working on the waterlines and sidewalks. Yes, as a homeowner I can say that it is inconvenient to go without water for a couple of days, and costly(to the home-owner-not the taxpayer!!) to replace the sidewalks. But it needs to be done! These are, in many cases, necessary improvements that have not been worked on since the 1930's & 40's. Also, I would like to know their thoughts on the Separation of Church & State. Where do they stand on the Social Security issue? Since the Radicalized Right seems to have taken over the GOP, I will be voting Democratic this time around. They seem to have the only moderate and sane people left to vote for.

    dleet115 Apr 19 '12, 5:23PM
  • I agree - women's health and LGBT issues are very important to me and neither were on the quiz.

    aredwine Apr 16 '12, 2:31PM
  • I answered all of the questions but a couple of them did not cover my views

    gracemb Apr 13 '12, 3:30PM

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