Would your marriage work

Are you ready to get married? Are you in love with the thought of being in love? Will your marriage work or will you end up in the 70% divorce rate? Try this quiz to determine your fate. It may solve some questions you have unanswered.

Taking this quiz will help determine if you are on your way to true happiness with the love of your life or if you are on your way to some term oil. Take the quiz to find out!

Created by: The Geek
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1. There's only 1 washer/dryer and you both need to wash. What would you do?
Let's wash clothing together.
Don't mix your clothing with mine!
Can you wash my clothing?
Let's take turns.
2. There's one TV in the house. How would you handle if your favorite show and his favorite show begin at same time?
I'm the boss so I get to hold the remote & watch what I want!
Let's take turns watching what we want.
Challenge partner to a dual
Let's turn the TV off. We can't get along.
Buy another remote & keep switchin channels on each other
3. There is plenty of outside work to be done. Who will do what?
I only work on indoor so your on your own.
Out door is my thing so I'll take over.
Let''s help each other you rake I'll fill the bag.
I have alot of things to do I'll be back.
4. There are bills that need to be paid and you both use the water, light, and share the same house payment or rent. How do you solve this?
I refuse to work so YOU pay everything!
We split the bills 50/50
I'll pay this month next month is your month.
I'll give you a little money you figure the rest out.
I'm wealthy, I'll take care of everything!
What bills?
5. There is sweeping, mopping to be done:
I don't like to sweep or mop!
This is a stress reliever!
you sweep and I'll mop.
Just step over the garbage, don't matter
6. What would you do to bring your relationship to life
Leave me alone. Your in my space
I have a headache, I'm not in the mood.
Let's be alone tonight?
Oh baby! Give me some more!
I just need some compassion & understanding.
7. You are tired from a hard days work:
I'm gonna make you something to eat
I don't cook. What stove?
Take out everyday!
Bring me something to eat before you come home!
Lets cook together
8. One partner will always make more money than the other:
I'm better because I make more money!
I'm just trying to find someone to bum off of.
It doesn't matter who makes more money.
I have to be the better bread maker!
9. I good looking person passes by:
You tell your partner to look the other direction you saw that, how dare you!
Trick your partner & tell them to look at that cool bird flying the other direction.
It doesn't bother you!
Your so jealous your gonna attack you partner or person he/she stared at.
your also gonna make your partner jealous
You love him/her there will always be someone better lookin passing by.
10. Partner doesn't like dancing:
I love to dance but I will give it up for my partner
I'll take my partner with me but he/she'll watch me dance with others
Partner will have to go whether they like it or not and dance
Oops I accidently tripped you so It'll be a while before you can dance again!
Why make you my partner if your not gonna take me dancing!
We'll take turns doing what one another likes.

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