would you survive a zombie outbreak

there are many people who say they are ready for a zombie outbreak. but if/when it really occurs are you going to be as ready as you think you are. could you shoot a friend if they were bitten or you parents or whole family. if you were outnumbered and your only exit was door leading into an unknown building and had 5 hots left. could you think quickly. would you have the guts to go into hell on earth to find the ones you care about

are you a survivor and live until the end or are you a survivor for a few days. you wonder this but thanks to this quiz and the strange scenario at the end you will find out. good luck...oh and by the way..this wont bore you to...DEATH....

Created by: aiden
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1. the news reports attacks within a 10 mile radius of your home. do you...
think nothing of it
buy a 9mm pistol with a couple of extra magazines
stock up on all necessary supllies and prepare for the worst
phone your mates and talk about it
2. its confirmed that there is a viral outbreak and the people infected are passing it on and the dead are not dying. do you...
go to your mates house and think of a plan
get more guns and more non-perishable foods
fortify your house and let the situation blow over
kill yourself as you are so scared
3. you are going to your mates house when the road ahead is blocked with crashed cars and zombies. do you...
go for it and run them over and smash past the cars
go through the tough terrain of the rocky fields
go on foot through the woods
turn back and think of another route
4. while taking your new route, you pass an abondened farm house. do you...
leave and go staright to your mates house
check it out for 10 minutes.
stay there for a bit and try and find more weapons and more essential supplies
turn it into a temporary base and stay for the day
5. you get to your mates house and think of different places to go. you think of...
the mall
the old school
the local jail
6. you have been in the jail for a week but must move as supplies are running out. you choose...
the mall
the school
the hospital
7. when going to your next destination you come across a small group of survivors but they are surrounded by 20 of the undead. do you...
take out some of the undead but leave hastily
take out all the zombies and let the group tag along
just carry on to your destination
throw them some guns and ammo
8. you make to your destination. do you...
search the area for any zombies
barracade all entrances
search for weapons and food
9. one of your group has been bitten. do you..
put a round in his head without guilt or sorrow
light him a fag and wait until he changes
tie him up and lock him in a room
leave your sanctuary without them
10. you are travelling on foot and come across some people lying on the ground. do you...
shout at them
use long sticks to wake them from a distance
leave them
shake them
shoot them
11. you are in the middle of a small city when you are suddenly attacked and chased. you take a wrong turn and end up in a dead end. there are 30-40 zombies and you and your group only have anough ammo for half that number. an escape ladder is to the left of
tell the others to go while making a brave final stand
shoot as many as possible then tell the others to go
use all the ammo and then use your weapons as clubs
make a calm but quick escape up the ladder
12. after escaping the zombie horde you find yourself with no ammo left and the guns are clogged up with blood and you are in the middle of the city. what do you do.
find a place with plenty of food that can be barracaded
get some vehicles and leave the town
find a gunstore close to a convinience store where you can make a secure route
hold up in a gunstore for the time being
13. after a few days, you recieve a text message from another friend that he is in a group and that they have barracaded themselves in another prison across town. do you...
reply after all agreeing to go over and join them
all agree that where you are is safer and reply no thanks
both agree on a meet up point and then decide what to do
14. when you arrive at the prison, you notice lots of blood on the floor and that there is trail of it leading further into the prison. do you...
follow the trail in s small team
run out quickly for the undead may have got in before
send a message asking where you are and what you have seen
go round the prison as a group searching everywhere for the others
15. you eventually find the others and they say that they have taken all the weapons and all the food and intend to bring the fight to the zombies. do you...
all agree to join
say no and that you intend to stay in the prison
say that you want to move on but could do with extra supplies
16. the other group have left but somehow the undead have got into the prison. do you..
block all access to the second floor with whatever you can find
make a quick escape to the abondened prison buses outside
make a retreat to the watch tower on the other side of the prison
17. after a week avoiding bein eaten alive you suddenly remeber your mum and dad. you go back home to find they are zombies. do you
weep and say sorry as you put a round in each's head
run as fast as possible while crying
lure them into a room and block the door so they can get out
shoot them as they wern't great parents
18. you reunite with your group but find out one of your mates has done a runner. do you..
think stuff him and think of a plan
go after him after thinking where he might go
decide it is up to him if he wants to live or die
19. after weeks of zombie killing and extreme survival you end up at the southcoast and a few miles away from a large dock/port. do you...
go to the docks and get a boat and go to france or another country
avoid the docks incase of thousands more undead
find alternative means of transport elsewhere
20. you are halfway across the channel when you see a large container ship floating close by. do you...
all agree to explore the ship.
leave it and continue
agree to spend some time on there but only for survivors and extra supplies.
21. on arriving in france you see the docks are empty of people but there are lots of cars and trucks around. you get your suspicions but decide to explore anway. do you go to...
the supply depo
vehicle storage facility
anywhere where there could be people
22. you leave the docks to see a small seaside town closeby. you enter the motel to ask for a paper and open it up to the page that talks about unexplained attacks. you see the photos and remembering after what you have seen that the infection is in northern
tell the person at reception that they are linked to the outbreak in GB
head back to the docks to get a van and head as far south as possible
inform the local authorities so the infection could be caught early
23. the police are informed and the army called in. with help of a translator you say what should be done to eliminate the infected people. you give advice on what can be done. the police choose...
a nationwide curfew
all available army personnel to go in and unleash hell
nationwide evacuation
24. from your groups survival you have been told you can lead the fight against the undead in GB. you accept and think of some plans. you choose..
sending in long range bombers to take out all large area where there are hordes of the undead in open areas, then send in ground troops
with allied countries, send in one huge infantry assault
send in small elite teams of mixed nations to wipe them out
25. you are back in GB and have lots of weapons. you and your group are in London and have set up a temporary shelter in hyde park, but you are surrounded from 3 sides. much to your misfortune the zombies have evolved and can run. do you...
use your sniper rifles and assault rifles to take some out.
call a retreat to your armoured car and call for asistance
call for back up and stand your ground
26. 3 years on and the the zombie hordes are decreasing in number and the allied clean up force has pushed the last reamining 150,000 into manchester. you are given some choices. you choose...
nuking them
send in all troops to wipe them out and burn the bodies like thew other ones
set up a secure perimeter around manchester and wait for supplies
27. this is the last one. did you find this quiz...
too long
too short
just right
average length

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