Would you survive a Nuke blast??

This quiz will help determine whether you need help for survival for the future or you are professional and you don't need any help at all which ever it is I thank you for tempting my quiz whether youpassed or failed.

Maybe you could learn something from this test, to help your friends or family improve on survival such as knowing the basic steps in survival from a nuclear winter or a virus epidemic That broke out in your city.

Created by: Benji Toucher of Ioffer
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1. You see the blast whats the first thing you do.
Build a fire
Duck and hold behind a wall
Stare away while lying down.
Look at your Pipboy
2. After that, where do you go.
Home sweet home
To the nearest decontamination place
In your underground shelter
3. After that you decide to go underground, how long until safe to go back up.
666 years
2 weeks
1 month
3 years
4. You are back on ground level, everything is gone, what do u do next.
Drink water from the lake
Open a can of spam and eat it
Go scavange and explore
Lay on the floor and talk to yourself( radioactive sickness
5. You find a campsite in a cave do you approach?
Hell na, I'm out
Take a peek from a distance
Come back later
6. How would you set up you survival base and where?
A wooden tent near a lake
Dig a 10 foot wide hole near trees
A treehouse
A playboy mansion
A glass house
7. After setting up your base you need food, where do u go.
In N Out, duhh
An abandoned market with possible food left over.
Fish in the lake its only radioactivity, who cares!!
Canned food from home
8. Ok your full, but you still need a weapon whats the best choice.
A knife you found
A sharp stick
A SMR gun from BO2
Anything that kills
9. What should you gather up in your fanny pack?
A stick, flashlight, knife, and a nintendo ds
A survival pack from Amazon
A pack of MREs
Medical maryjane
Clothes from Hot Topic
10. You made it to the Army base, how should you check it out?
By yelling "Im here!!"
Approaching with caution, proceed if safe
Ram thru with A hummer and minigun
11. This is it you made it to Evac? Where do u think the safety line is drawn?
10 miles
500 mi

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