Would you make a Good Girlfriend?

This test is to designed to help you get a good idea whether or not you would make a good g/f or not. It by any means anything bad or good or whether or not you should take my advice if you'd make a good or bad girlfriend.

However, given the questions i'm asking, it is reasonable to ask yourself whether or not you're a good or bad boyfriend after answering these questions since these are the most common characteristics that determine how good or bad you are.

Created by: mrduckbear
1. What is your age?
Under 18 Years Old
18 to 24 Years Old
25 to 30 Years Old
31 to 40 Years Old
41 to 50 Years Old
51 to 60 Years Old
Over 60 Years Old
2. What is your gender?
3. If your b/f wanted to pursue a goal that could either ruin or expand his career, would you let him take that risk?
Yes, because i can't tell him what he should do
Yes, because i'm confident in my b/f that he will succeed
No because if it's a risk that could ruin him, i'd say something
No, but if he doesn't listen to me, i can't stop him
I don't care either way because it's his life, he does what he wants with it
If it ruins him, i know i'll leave him. i'll tell him that
4. If your b/f was having a bad day and he wanted to be alone, would you let him be?
Yes because i don't want to upset him further
Yes but i'll keep trying to console him until he tells me to leave
No, i'd keep talking to him until he opens up
Yes, but i'd pretty angry if he doesn't tell me what's going on
I'm not sure..depends how he's acting, i might try and talk to him still
I wouldn't care cause i'd have my own problems
5. If your b/f wanted to make out or have sex but you didn't feel like it, and he kept on pushing you to, would you give in?
Yes because i don't want to make him angry
Yes because if he won't stop bugging me, i'll just do it
No, i'd actually keep refusing until he stops
No, i'd ***** at him if he keeps at it
Depends, if i'm really busy or upset, i won't give in
Depends, if i'm too tired i won't give in
6. If you saw your b/f with another cute girl just talking, how would you react?
I'd go up to them and ask what's going on
I'd go up to them and talk with them
I'd spy on them
I'd have someone spy on them for me
I'd wait till later and dump him
I'd wait till later and grill him on what was going on
7. Following Question 6, if the girl is now fondling and touching your b/f sexually, what would you do then?
I'd go up to the girl and push her away/beat her ass
I'd go up to them to stop them and start a scene
I'd laugh it off and trust him he won't do anything bad
I'll wait till later and ask him, if it's bad i'll dump him
I'd just yell at him later
I'll have one of my male friends go find out for me and if he's cheating, beat his ass
8. Would you ever go away on a trip with one of your Male Friends' alone who asked you to go with him?
Yes but i'd tell my b/f first
Yes but only if my b/f will let me
Yes because my b/f doesn't have a say in my life
No, i'd be afraid of hurting my b/f
No, i don't wanna get my b/f jealous who might beat him up
Depends, only if my b/f will come with us
9. Would you forgive your b/f if he cheated on you?
Yes, but only with good reason
Yes, but only if i've cheated before too
No, i'd dump him no matter what
No, i'd ***** and scream at him first, then dump him
Depends on who he cheated me on with
Depends on the situation and how he felt about it first
10. If your b/f was not financially stable, would that bother you?
Yes because i want a man who has money
Yes because i want a man who can take care of me
Yes but it wouldn't affect our relationship much
No, money isn't important to me
No, as long as he can show me he loves me with something
Depends on how poor he is
11. If your b/f was in an rage and takes it out on you, would you forgive him?
If it's verbal, Yes
If it's physical, No
If his reasoning is understandable, Yes
Depends how often these outbursts are
I would just fight back
I would just take it
12. Would you ever allow your b/f to hang out with cute girls?
Not without my permission
Yes, i'd trust him
Not if i don't know them already
Yes but i'd have to be around them when he does
Only if he's with other people i know too
Depends on how much i trust him first
13. If your b/f pisses you off for any reason, would you dump him?
If it's really bad, Yes
If he keeps pissing me off constantly, Yes
No but i'd yell at him for sure
No but i'd ask for a cooling off period
No i wouldn't, it happens
Depends if it's my fault or his fault
14. Would you expect your b/f to be with you whenever you need or want him?
Yes because i want to feel needed
Yes because i expect him to be there when i need him
No but it be nice of him to be there when i need him
No i can't force him to be with me if he can't at the time
Depends, if he has a good reason not being here when i need him
Depends, whether or not it's urgent
15. If your b/f has lied to you but has a good valid reason for doing so, would you forgive him?
If it's reasonable, Yes
If the lie doesn't hurt me or affect us, Yes
No because any lie results in break up
No i wouldn't forgive him, i'd be mad but wouldn't break up with him
Depends on how i'm feeling after i hear it
Only if i lied to him before and if he forgave me or not
16. If your b/f admits to have kissed another girl, would you forgive him?
No because i hate cheaters, but i wouldn't break up
No, i would dump him on the spot
Yes but only if he has a good reason
Yes but only if i've done it before too
Depends on who he kissed
Depends on why he or she kissed her/him
17. If your b/f's appearance is changing whether getting fatter or skinnier, would you say something?
Yes because i want him to look the way i first met him
Yes and if i don't like it,i'll dump him otherwise
No it wouldn't bother me
No but i'd mention it to him if it's getting out of hand
Depends if i like his new appearance still or not
I'll dump him if he refuses to change back
18. If your b/f has noticed you yourself are physically changing and asked/suggested you to lose or gain back weight, what would you do?
Break up with him if he asks me that again
Tell him to mind his own business
Take the crticism but still make my own decision
19. Would you ever let your b/f hang out with his ex's?
Not without my permission
No because he might cheat on me if he does
Yes because i trust him
Only if i know about it first
Only if i know her personally first
Depends on where they go
20. Are you one to throw celebrations like birthdays, valentines, or special occasions for your b/f if something good or special happened to him?
Yes, i love celebrating special occasions
No i don't feel i need to get other people involved
Only if i have time to or if he has time for it
21. If there was something your b/f is doing that you don't approve of, would you say something?
Yes because i don't want him messing up
Yes but i'll only suggest him
No because he can do whatever he wants
Depends if it'll affect me too
Depends if it'll affect our relationships
I wouldn't care either way in the end
22. Lastly, would you still love your b/f if you weren't connecting to him through kissing or sex?
No i'll dump him if i'm not feeling anything
No but i'll keep trying until we do connect
Yes because sex and kissing isn't always important in a relationship
Depends how long i feel this lost connection for
23. Actually this is the last question, do you think you have a say in your b/f's future/career/goal?
Yes because i'd hope he'd want my opinion too
No because i feel i should be the one supporting him
Depends if i like where he's going or not
24. No wait, actually this can be the last question: If your b/f doesn't like to party or drink, would that be enough reason to dump her?
Yes, i need a guy who can have a good time
No i wouldn't force him if he doesn't want to
Depends if the occasion, if it's reasonable i expect him to

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