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  • i got 81%

    and im in junior high

    welp, that raised my self-confidence

    koboTRAPPPA Mar 10 '18, 4:08PM
  • hey i took it again.got 77%.its me Shadow hegehog.no comment yet but imma waitin.o have a couple threads on the lounge if you want to talk.you sound like a great girl and i would love go get to know you

    dark_silversilvy Nov 18 '16, 11:24AM
  • Got 68% cool quiz! but I hate the part where it says we won't last forever :-(

    theninetailedfox Apr 6 '16, 9:44AM
  • Hey, I'm 16 and I got 68% so you think we'd have a chance? Feel free to email me at: [no emails] and maybe, we could get to know each other better I guess

    ExDeath Apr 3 '16, 7:51AM
  • hi i got a 69 :l you sound like u know what u want in a guy. lol. im only 12 and if you are that young plz try my quiz called would i date u?(girls only) u sound cool and if u want to chat ill just leave comments in your quiz and hope u respond. im also unpredictable so who knows what will happen. btw i dont mind if u dont leave a comment itd cool =3

    Shadow hegehog Feb 17 '16, 5:25PM
  • I'm a girl, I took the quiz. *Puts sunglasses on* I'm a rebel. *Walks away*

    Kiara_Mate Nov 21 '15, 11:49PM
  • 99%

    ALFONSO2173 Oct 9 '15, 7:44PM

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