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This is a quiz about the show Wizards of Waverly Place which shows on disney channel. Study Hard on this! Have fun on the Quiz and Good luck on it ,too

Are you smart to do this quiz. This is a Hard Quiz but you can do it! NO matter what no body says you can do the is with all our heart. Belive in our self

Created by: coco
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1. Where is the wizard liar?
Up staris
Under the table
In Alex's room
There is no liar
2. Who is Alex's BFF?
Hot dog lady
3. Who does Jusin Date in 4 Shows in a row?
Fat girl
4. who give up there powers for there girl or boy friend?
Mom and Dad
No one
Juliet and Justin
Max and Harper
Alex and Justin
5. Why did alex and justin go to wizard court?
They lost there wand
Justin destored the wizard world
Alex Lied
They told the world they are wizards
6. Who came for the moms birthday?
there brother
uncle Calbo
Uncle Ednesto
Alex's son
7. What did alex gived to her dad for his birthday
Magical pencil sharpiner
A cowboy hat
A magical hat
A shirt
8. Who is Professer Crums?
The master of Wizards
Work at the sandwich shop
A magical hat
A Young man
9. Who is Maxine
Max as a old woman
Alex as little girl
Justin as an actor
Max as a girl
10. Where dose Alex keep her Wand?
in her pocket
in her boot
in her hair
in her face

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