Will your guild last?

This quiz is meant to help you measure the chances of your (or any) guild to last. By answering a few simple questions you will gauge what are it's chances of survival.

Answer the following questions honestly and based on your current guild situation. Try to not be overly emotional or too clingy, put your friendships and hatred aside. Don't cloud your judgment!

Created by: emily of Endless Gameing
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1. What is your age?
Under 18 Years Old
18 to 24 Years Old
25 to 30 Years Old
31 to 40 Years Old
41 to 50 Years Old
51 to 60 Years Old
Over 60 Years Old
2. What is your gender?
3. How is the communication between Officers and GM?
A (Effective Amount)
B (Needs a bit more)
C (Average)
D (Below Average)
F (Fail)
E (Epic Fail)
4. How is Drama Handled?
A (Effectively)
B (Warnings)
C (No warnings, just scoldings)
D (Ignored to a point)
F (Ignored Completely)
E (Too harshly)
5. Loot is distibuted...?
A (Fairly all the time)
B (Fairly most of the time)
C (fair some times)
D (hardly fair)
F (never fair)
E (to only hunters!)
6. Population wise how does your guild look?
A (A lot of people!)
B (a good amount)
C (Enough to get by)
D (Need more)
F (Hardly any one)
E (It seems to be just me)
7. If you were to grade your guild on feelings, what would you give it?
B (I like my guild)
C (We get along..okay)
D (I'm just here to get things done)
F (I feel alone...)
E (I hate them all...)
8. How would you grade your guild master's personality?
A (He/she's like my best friend!)
B (He/shes cool!)
C (He/she's Nice)
D (He/she is not always around)
F (He/she is stern and mean)
E (I wish he would die!)
9. How frequent are Guild Activities? (Raids/Heroics/RP Events)
A (All the time!)
B (Most of the time)
C (Some of the time)
D (Occationaly)
F (Hardly)
E (None at all)
10. What is the Atmosphere like when you do such events?
A (Awesome!)
B (Lot's of fun!)
C (Fun)
D (Could be better)
F (Not a lot of fun)
E (Is it tense in here?)
11. Does the guild "stick to its guns" on rules?
A (Always)
B (It does)
C (Some times)
D (Not a whole lot)
F (More often not)
E (Never)
12. How is the Communications between Leadership and General members?
A (Awesome)
B (Good)
C (Alright)
D (Needs some work)
F (Barely)
E (None what so ever)
13. Does your guild honor and respect veterans over recent recruits?
A (YES!)
B (Well)
C (Enough)
D (Could be better)
F (Barely)
E (Never)
14. How often is there enough people online to complete the planned "activites"?
A (Always)
B (Most of the time)
C (Enough)
D (Some of the time)
F (Barely)
E (Never)
15. Do you have "Key" players (if they leave they are hard to replace)?
A (A lot)
B (Good Amount)
C (Enough)
D (Just a few)
F (None)
16. How often do you feel Unaccomplished?
A (Never)
B (Hardly Ever)
C (Some of the time)
D (Often)
F (Most of the time)
E (Always)
17. How would you rate your guild's support to "EVERY ONE"?
A (Great!)
B (Good)
C (O.K.)
D (Could be better)
F (Bad)
E (What's that?)
18. How much fun do you have while doing Guild activities?
A (a lot)
B (quite a bit)
C (some)
D (enough)
F (Hardly)
E (none)

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