Will you survive middle school?

Are you smart enough to survive middle school? This is your breakaway to life, and you need to survive. In order to find out, you must take this quiz.

Can you pass the classes? the dreaded p.e? The mean teachers? The wannabe girls? This quiz will decide your fate. Will you be successful? Or will you die in the streets?

Created by: Bleh of this site
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Under 18 Years Old
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2. What is your gender?
3. The teacher calls you unexpectedly. What do you do?
Say: Uhhhhhhh
Say:I don't know
Say: Something random
Say:Wrong answer but full of confidence
Falcon punch the teacher
4. You skip laps during P.E. The teacher notices and asks you if you did. What do you do?
Lie and say you did not skip laps
Tell the truth-and risk getting your grad lowered
Have a friend back you up
Be Katniss Everdeen, and shoot the P.E teacher with arrows from archery. Risk getting into Juvy
5. You get an F on the essay you worked very hard on. Your parents ask you why you have that grade. What is your response?
"I tried my best! I swear!"
"So? It's just one F."
"The teacher failed everyone."
"I don't understand! I did everything!"
"I don't know."
6. You procrastinated and now you have an essay due the next day. It is way past your bedtime. What do you do?
Email the teacher and ask her/him to extend the due date.
Pull an all-nighter
Don't do it. It was only worth 75% of your grade.
Freak out.
Ask a friend for their essay-and then change it up.
7. You got in a fight with the most rough girl in school. What do you do?
Freak out and transfer schools.
Fight her
Break her legs and elbows
Tell the counselor.
Apologize and say you didn't mean to do it.
8. You and your best friend get in trouble. The teacher gives you a detention, but you have a important after-school thing to do. What do you do?
Sneak out.
Have a friend bail you out
Make the teacher go unconscious, and then sneak out.
Fake sick that school day.
Tell your parents, hopefully they'll bail you out.
Just go to detention.
9. Someone finds out your crush. They tell him, then the next day you see your crush approaching you. What do you do?
Talk to him. Hopefully he won't break you.
Run to the bathroom
Have your friend resolve everything
Shoot him with an arrow, hopefully no one notices
10. It is picture day. But you break out!
Just take the picture. Hopefully no one notices.
Have your friend hit you up with makeup
Fake sick
Put on globs of makeup until you look like a clown. At least no one can see your pimples.
11. Your grades are terrifying. You are gonna fail that grade, and you will get killed. Luckily, your teachers aren't gonna put the grades out yet. You have one week until school ends.
Set up meetings with all your teachers.
Do extra credit and shove it in their nose.
Cry and Beg
Just don't think about it. Party Party Party!
Make up all missing assignments.
Hack into school files and edit your grades.
12. How does it feel to finish middle school?
My grades are average.
I suck

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