Will u go to heaven or hell

many people wonder of wat will happen when they die. religously speaking, people will either go to heaven, a place where everything is perfect and there is no sadness, or to hell, a place where your worst fears come to life, depending on your personality.

will YOU go to heaven? or will YOU go to hell? take this quiz to determine whether you'll go to heaven or hell.maybe there is no heaven or hell, but if there is, make sure to take this quiz, and good luck!!!

Created by: alexandra

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  1. if u see a homeless person on the street, u...
  2. if someone blames something on u, u...
  3. u see some onewho made fun of u in high school, u...
  4. supose u hate justin bieber:u see him walking down the street, u...
  5. uh-oh
  6. i ran out of questions =(
  7. will u rate or comment?
  8. thanx if u picked yes!!=)
  9. thanx if u picked yes!!=)
  10. last question!: did u like this quiz?

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