Whose Teen Titans style of speaking do you have?

What is your style of speaking? Do you speak in the serious cool way like Robin? The "make a long sentence short" style like Raven? The kind&sweet style like Starfire? Or perhaps Beast Boy "dude" style&Cyborg "boo-ya" style?

Not sure? Try taking this quiz and you'll know. You think the way you talk is kind and sweet but maybe you're way too serious and cool. LOL! Who knows? Only one way to find out!

Created by: Joyce of Teen Titans - The Fan Page
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3. When you meet facee to face with some villians destroying the city and ready to kick their stinking butt, what would you say?
Play time is OVER!You're going down!
You attack at a WRONG timing.
I order you to stop what you're doing, right now!
Dude, you're the most ugliest villian I had ever seen.
This game is just getting started and ready to meet your worst nightmare!
4. When this villian kick your butt and your fire have reached the limit and it is about to blow what would you say?
Is that the best you got?Wait 'till you see mine!
Let's get this OVER with!
Alright then, I will hurt you if I must!!!
Dude, that was soooo not NICE!
Nobody mess with me and you're going DOWN!
5. After finally kicking some villian butt, what do you plan to say after your hard earned victory?
Finally. I'm stressed out.
Let's just go out for pizza.
Yipee! I'm victorious and unstopable!
SWEEEET! I, the coolest hero just kicked your butt!
Alright, baby! Who's stronger NOW?
6. This villian keep laughing how COOL and showing off his/her stupid super-power, what would you say to light a fire on him/her?
You're just one lousy villian.
Doesn't impress me.
You powers doesn't amuse me either.
Dude, you call that cool? Wait 'till you see mine.
Tsk...Show off. Doesn't even know I'm way better.
7. Your best friend who is under a mad scientist control is attacking you and you are trying hard not to hurt your friend, what will you say?
Snap out of it! I'm your friend!
Don't make me hurt you!
Friend, I do not wish to hurt or fight you! Pleaseee!
Dude, you can't let that mad scientist brainwash you!
I dunno what's into you but I don't wanna fight with you!
8. You fall into a pool of slimy goo(YUCK!), what would you say?
Ew. This is ....DISGUSTING! I so need a bath!
Ugh! Stinks? Tell about it.
Oh, I smell like a piece of poo from the toilet boil.
Dude, is this the most "yuckiest" or the ugliest stuff I have ever seen?
Yuck. This is not my lucky day.
9. When you see your friend looking very down, what would you say?
Hey, are you alright? You look sooo pale.
Is everything okay?
Friend, I can see that something bad is bothering you. Can I do anything to help?
Dude, what's with the face? Want me to tell you a joke?
Are you fine or do you want me to make something for you to eat?
10. If you are trying to keep a secret and a friend asked you whether you are hiding some thing, what would you say?
Is nothing. I just need a rest, that's all.
Nothing. Just nothing.
There is nothing. Why would I hide something from you, my best friend?
Dude, do I look like I'm hiding something? Of course NOT! You're such a weirdo!
Oh, wait. I remembered i have something to do! Tata!
11. When you meet an old friend at the mall, what would you say?
Hey, it's great to see you again!
What's up?
Friend, it's been years since we meet. My heart is filled with joy when I see you!
Dude, what's shaking. Wanna hang-out? We can hang-out at the mall.
Alright! Isn't that my old buddy!! Ha ha!
12. When this villian tied you up and forced you to tell a secret, what would you say?
I won't tell you anything at all! You better let me go or else.....
I know nothing! Once I free myself, you'll be sorry!
I will never tell you anything. Please release me, I do not want this!
Dude, what is your problem? If you know I won't tell you anything then why don't you catch someone else and let me go!?
I won't tell you anything, so the best way is you let me go before my fire reached the limit!

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