Who's your pick for president in 08?

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Groom_Tunnel_Etc said:
Jun 17 '09, 1:56AM

Who's your pick for president in 08?
Your Result: Hillary Clinton
U are a die hard liberal, and you want someone who has pretty much already been in office. You definietly aren't afriad of having a female in office, and as a matter of fact, you think it would be a nice change of pace. You are excited about Hillary so shout it out

Barack Obama
Rudy Giuliani
John McCain
Nute Gingrich

I actually prefer Obama, but Hillary would have been ok too.

President Bush said:
Jan 4 '08, 3:11PM

This quiz was hard. It was Yale tough!

President Bush said:
Jan 4 '08, 3:10PM

My hand loves dogs.

President Bush said:
Jan 4 '08, 3:09PM

I have an incompetant colon.

shizenblitzen said:
Jan 4 '08, 3:03PM

My mom could have made a better scaling system then this while she was taking a dump, and getting punched by a professional boxer.

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