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Phan1trash said:
Jun 23 '16, 9:01PM

Why is there no Phil? The only one Phil is in is the what youtuber have you not heard of. It genuinely upsets me thst Dan was in most of these and Phil wasn't. One of the only reasons Dan is more 'popular' than Phil is because of Phil. Phil is just a snol angle bean. And he's so hot. And have you looked into his eyes? #PhilLesterDefenseS quad

Nak said:
May 31 '16, 7:44AM


Crysta said:
Oct 22 '15, 7:29AM

Also I agree with anonmon

Crysta said:
Oct 22 '15, 7:28AM

I'll tell you people who should be there.
SpankieValentineT v
BrizzyVoices or BrizzyVlogs
Bart Baker

JewelPlaysMC said:
Oct 17 '15, 10:34PM

YES I GOT JORDAN YAAAAAAAAAAAY (CaptainSparklez) B-but... why tf isn't Ssundee on this list? Or popularmmos? Or Dan (TDM). And I personally hate Stampy myself but you would think that he would be on here. Oh well...

SND_335 said:
Oct 17 '15, 4:13AM

Platypus said:
Aug 8 '15, 12:49PM


anonmon said:
Jun 20 '15, 3:03AM

Also, it said that I would like captainsparkles or whatever, but I checked and I never said I liked minecraft. As a matter of fact, I hate gaming channels.

anonmon said:
Jun 20 '15, 2:56AM

what do you do when you like the same sex? Also, I have medium length brown hair, and all you did were extremes from long to short, and on the list of YouTubers I didn't recognize any of them. who made this, a second grader?

chomikk said:
Apr 3 '13, 9:40PM

Ahhh! PEWDIEPIE! I love him(: but TheComputerNerd01 should be on here he's my all time favorite

kathryn214 said:
Apr 3 '13, 5:44PM

No vlogbrothers?!
One nerdfighter is dissappointed.

Ironbutterfly said:
Apr 3 '13, 4:26PM

I got Dan - I can't stand him. He tries too hard to be funny.

Princess Zelda said:
Apr 3 '13, 4:02PM


Firey_Soul said:
Apr 2 '13, 4:14PM

I got Dan. Love him! x)

Mayor_Mari_Rapo said:
Apr 2 '13, 2:30PM

I already watched & subcribed to Smosh.
Anthony: "Ian."
Ian: "Ah. AH! I'M DROWNING! I'M DROWNING!!! Dude, what the he**!?"

OmegaWolf9 said:
Apr 2 '13, 1:54PM

* nr. 1 most subscribed.

OmegaWolf9 said:
Apr 2 '13, 1:52PM

You haven't heard of smosh? O.O they are number one on youtube! Doesn't matter though XD

EpicStegosaurus said:
Apr 2 '13, 8:42AM

Your Result: SkyDoesMinecraft

You should watch SkyDoesMinecraft because you like minecraft and funny people. Sky is awesome and random and he is the god of butter and defeater of squids. BUDDER




18%CaptainSparkle z



I'll check him out
but seriously
the only one I've heard of these is PewDiePie :P

music826 said:
Apr 2 '13, 2:05AM

Danisnotonfire tied with Smosh. I love Smosh, and I'll have to check out Dan as well. Fun quiz! :)

OmegaWolf9 said:
Mar 31 '13, 6:27PM

PewDiePie! i love him so much! i also love smosh.

~watch out for barrels~

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