Which TV Trope Are You?

Some people can have qualities that make them just like one trope or another. A trope is something that can describe a character, like if they're deliberately cute, or if they're good in the beginning of a story, but then they turn out to be evil.

So I got the idea of making this quiz. So are you like the Alpha B@#$%&? The Badass? The Sentai stance? The Prette boy? Find out by taking this quiz! Hopefully you enjoy it!

Created by: Amy331

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  1. You and a group of friends find out that a female mafia is terrorizing a city. You all find their secret lair entrance guarded by a security lady. How to you get in?
  2. You all manage to get in, but you have to find the big boss of the mafia, "The Godmother". there are gang members every where. Crates, oil barrels, and train carts dot the area. What do you do to get to "The Godmother"?
  3. You all end up fighting off the mafia members. What are you doing?
  4. You're close to finding "The Godmother" until you're in front of a horde of mafia members. What do you do?
  5. You manage to plow your way to the big boss, only to find out that she's in another secret hide out next door! How do you get there?
  6. You all manage to go in the other secret hide out. It's relatively the same, but guard dogs are in the area. How do you get to "The Godmother" this time?
  7. You all are almost to "The Godmother" until you are in front of a horde of mafia members. How do you fight off the members?
  8. You finally get to "The Godmother", but she has two armed mafia members on her left side and her right side. How do you take the two down?
  9. You shoot down the armed members, and "The Godmother" surrenders. What do you do with her now?
  10. You saved the city! How do you and your friends celebrate?

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Quiz topic: Which TV Trope am I?